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    Zombie Figure Top 5

    Zombies come in many shapes and sizes, these come in plastic...

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    In eager anticipation of the series premier of The Walking Dead on AMC this Halloween we figured this would be great opportunity to have a Top 5 Zombie Figures today. I went on a scavenger hunt in my garage looking through the plethora of zombie action figures I own and narrowed it down to the best 5 zombie figures of all time.

    #5 Zombie Hulk. This zombified version of the Hulk by Diamond was sculpted by Art Asylum under the Marvel Zombies assortment and features an incredible level of sculpted detail and a great paint job. While this is an awesome looking zombie action figure, unfortunately it has very little poseability.

    #4 Jake/Attack of the Living Dead. MEZCO Toys drew a lot of inspiration from the Evil Dead films as is evident in the Jake figure from their in-house Attack of the Living Dead series. With its vivid mixture of stylized and realistically sculpted details along with a good amount of articulation and gory severed human body parts, this figure is very cool. Jake was also made available in 3 additional paint variants and an alternate bald head with maggot-ridden eye socket. Classic!

    #3 Al Simmons. This alternate undead interpretation of Al Simmons (aka Spawn) was part of McFarlane Toys’ Spawn Mutations action figure line. This incredibly detailed action figure depicts an undead Al Simmons in full military gear and came chock full of packed in weapons and accessories. What makes this figure stand out among the rest is the one of a kind aspects of the figure such as a soldier corpse accessory, removable back pack with severed limbs sticking out of the sides and gaping head-shot wound. The figure is grotesquely unique and stands out from among many other horror film and zombie action figures.

    #2 Zombie Captain America. This zombified version of Captain America from the Marvel Zombies series significantly stands out from the rest thanks to its unique look, level of articulation and removable skull cap. Marvel’s patriotic freedom enforcer makes one bad *** looking zombie and although he may not know what to do with his shield anymore, he sure looks cool holding it! The fact that this is an undead superhuman with awesome detail and great articulation makes him the second best zombie action figure to date.

    #1 Earl/Attack of the Living Dead. And the first place spot for the ZOMBIE Top 5 goes to EARL from MEZCO’s Attack of the Living Dead toy line. Earl is the most articulated, detailed and grotesque zombie action figure ever made. The medically accurate scars, wound and decomposition that riddles this overweight zombie’s body truly place this figure in a league of its own among other figures. Earl features the highest level of articulated joints on a zombie action figure to date allowing him to be placed in a plethora of skin-crawling poses. Earl also features realistic rubbery guts that can be placed inside the hole in his stomach and that he can hold in his hands to chew on with his articulated jaw. Truly CREEPY and bad *** at the same time!!

    NOTE: Those opinions expressed here are of the author and not necessarily the same as or Action Online.

    - story and photos by Jorge Pelaez

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    Zombie Figure Top 5-al5.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-cap.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-cap1.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-cap2.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-cap3.jpg  

    Zombie Figure Top 5-cap4.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-cap5.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-earl.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-earl1.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-earl2.jpg  

    Zombie Figure Top 5-earl3.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-earl5.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-earl6.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-group.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-hulk.jpg  

    Zombie Figure Top 5-hulk1.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-hulk2.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-hulk3.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-hulk5.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-jake.jpg  

    Zombie Figure Top 5-jake1.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-jake2.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-jake3.jpg   Zombie Figure Top 5-jake4.jpg  

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    Re: Zombie Figure Top 5

    good list, though you didn't include anything from Sideshow's 12" The Dead line-up or Peril Unlimited's Ash Zombie. I personally think anything from The Dead line and especially Ash are WAY better than those 8" little figures you listed above...but that's just me...
    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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    Thumbs up Re: Zombie Figure Top 5

    Truly amazing line - up, i didn't even know there were zombie variants of comic heroes. I agree with your number 1, that is one gruesome figure but i'm a sucker for zombie soldiers, just imagine an army of those creeps !

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    Re: Zombie Figure Top 5

    I agree that the 1/6 lines are in a different league then the ones shown. The Mezco Attack of the Living Dead line was really good.

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    Re: Zombie Figure Top 5

    One of my favorites was the Soldier Zombie from Palisades' Resident Evil series.

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