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    Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER

    The vivacious vampire hunter in 1/6 scale...

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    Ever since her appearance in the 2004 film Blade Trinity, the third and final film in the Blade Trilogy, fans have been demanding a figure of the sexy, bow-wielding member of the Nightstalkers. Now Abigail Whistler is captured in an incredible 1/6-scale figure as part of Hot Toys amazing Movie Masterpiece figure line. Played by Jessica Biel, this super-detailed figure represents Biel's second appearance in action figure form, the first being her character Erin from Texas Chainsaw Massacre as part of McFarlane Toys' Movie Maniacs line.

    PACKAGING: Abigail is packaged in a shoebox style packaging with the top lifting off from the bottom. The outside is given the appearance of sheet metal with a movie image of the character on the front and shots of the figure on the side and back. The back also includes all of the development credits and other pertinent information. The inside of the box lid holds many of the character's accessories, while the figure is covered on the inside of the box by a cardboard insert featuring a full-color photo and bio of the character. The figure itself is housed in a form-fitting plastic tray with a cover to keep everything in place and protected.

    SCULPT & ARTICULATION: Since they began releasing figures based on film and game licenses, Hot Toys has only done around 12 female figures, which is crazy considering how great they are getting at capturing attractive characters in 3D. I can safely say that Abigail Whistler is probably the best looking female figure they have done yet and this in no small part due to the incredible sculpting and likeness on the head sculpt that perfectly captures the sexy looks of Jessica Biel. I think another important feature that adds to the overall look of the figure is Hot Toys' decision to go with the layered, stereoscopic hair instead of the rooted hair used on several of their female figures lately. I for one favor the sculpted hair as I think it not only frames the face better and allows for more detail, but also looks more natural and less doll-like.

    The body they used for the figure is the standard TrueType female body sculpt that has been used for several releases such as Sheva from Resident Evil and Sarah Connor from Terminator. This body allow for around 28-points of articulation and offers plenty of posing options, but the overall poseability is hindered by the rubber cover used to hide the joints in the arms and give the figure a more natural chest and midsection.

    COSTUME & ACCESSORIES: Aside from the incredible sculpting this figure has ridiculous amounts of accessories to take down unruly vampires and a multi-layered costume that replicates her costume seen in the film. She sports brown faux-leather pants with a belt and sculpted belt buckle and gun holster and a second belt that hugs her hips and straps between her legs and features a removable bow stand. On top she has a patterned tank top with a red sports bra underneath with a removable two-tone faux leather jacket that no only zips in the front but also has working zippers on both sleeves. On her arms, she has a faux-leather arm guard on her left arm and a removable gauntlet with flip-out knife can be place on her right arm.

    As far as weaponry goes, Abigail comes packing with a variety of bow and arrow choices for your display. She comes with three different bows including her awesome UV bow and an extended and folded version of her compound bow. She includes 9 different arrows, three with special sculpted tips, and a cloth pouch to keep them in. She also has her trusty magnum with opening chamber and her boots feature a removable knife insert. Finally, she includes 6 different hands in a variety of positions to use her weaponry fittingly.

    OVERALL IMPRESSION: I for one highly recommend this figure to fans of the Blade movies, Marvel, Ms.Biel, or just sexy female figures. Hot Toys fans won't be disappointed in the quality, attention to detail, and superior sculpting we've all grown to expect from the popular company. Abigail Whistler, MMS128, is available now from Hot Toys.

    Review by Michael Klein

    Photos by Luka Zou, Luka Figure Photos

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-1abigailwhistler1.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-1abigailwhistler2.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-1abigailwhistler3.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-1abigailwhistler4.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-1abigailwhistler5.jpg  

    Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-1abigailwhistler6.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler1.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler2.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler3.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler4.jpg  

    Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler7.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler8.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler9.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler11.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler12.jpg  

    Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler13.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler16.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler17.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler18.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler19.jpg  

    Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler20.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler21.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler22.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler23.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler25.jpg  

    Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler26.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler29.jpg   Hot Toys Blade Trinity ABIGAIL WHISTLER-whistler27.jpg  

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