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    New Mecha Model Kits

    Patlabor, One-Shot Bug Killer!!, and Armored Core For Answer...

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    Kotobukiya passes along details on three new mecha model kits slated for release this winter. Be sure to check out our photo gallery at the bottom for even more images of all three kits!



    From the classic manga and anime franchise Patlabor comes the third robot in Koto's new D-Style, the AV-X0 ZERO TYPE-ZERO. Another high-tech heavy police Labor, this super-deformed robot is the perfect complement to the D-Style Ingram 1 and Griffon.

    The AV-X0 Zero Type-Zero D-Style model kit captures the look of the original mecha with stunning detail in a cute little package. With 30 pre-painted parts and easy snap-fit assembly, no glue or paint is necessary. Primarily white with accents in black, gray, and red, the Labor has additional tampo print logos for further detail and customization. You can display the robot with various included parts like the different faceplates, stun stick, and large shield. Standing slightly under 4 inches tall, this little robot has approximately 10 points of articulation.

    Available in February 2011 priced at a SRP of $19.99.



    Next up in the line of 1:1 scale models of Interceptor Dolls from One-Shot Bug Killer!! Interceptor Doll Hoi Hoi-San is the main character's BATTERY CHARGER STAND. Now you can "charge" your Interceptor Doll on a cradle that resembles a cell phone charger just like in the manga. Even the smallest details have been included; Hoi Hoi-San always takes off her shoes before stepping into her charger, and so this set comes with an exclusive pair of bare feet that even have magnets to attach to the stand. Finally, on the front of the charger stand is a pre-painted charge signal with three settings you can choose: red (charging), green (charge complete), and black (off). The charging stand is in 1:1 scale along with all of the other One-Shot Bug Killer!! robots and accessories.

    Available in December priced at a SRP of $14.99.



    Piloted by Otsdarva and the pinnacle of Omer Science's technology, the STASIS is a fearsome fighting unit on the battlefield of Armored Core For Answer. A powerful Next-type robot and one of the few to utilize aerial combat techniques, this unit is a perfect addition to the Variable Infinity Series. This new version brings you the fighting robot in an exclusive gunmetal and gold color scheme.

    The Stasis is tall and lean, with long thin legs and heavy shoulder armor. In fact, the unit’s unique forward-bending legs are equipped with the "LG-LAHIRE" knee locking system allowing the model to stand up in a wide array of poses without external support. When it's time to attack, the Stasis wields new weapon systems including the SG-O700 Shotgun, "KIKU" Blade, and ACB0710 Extra Booster. Standing 9 inches tall, this unit is comprised of approximately 600 parts and when fully assembled it has over 100 points of articulation for extreme poseability. No painting or glue is necessary.

    Available in February 2011 priced at a SRP of $54.99.

    Source: Edited Koto PR

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New Mecha Model Kits-nx08_stasis_pkg.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_action1.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_action4.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_arm.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_assaultrifle.jpg  

    New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_back1.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_back3.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_booster.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_front1.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_gimmick3.jpg  

    New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_head.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_ladar.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_lazerrifle.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_leg.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_missile.jpg  

    New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_side1.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_side2.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-stasis_stabilizer1.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-reishiki_action1.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-reishiki_action3.jpg  

    New Mecha Model Kits-reishiki_action4.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-reishiki_back.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-reishiki_buki.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-reishiki_face1.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-reishiki_face2.jpg  

    New Mecha Model Kits-reishiki_front.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-hoihoisan_cradle6.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-hoihoisan_cradle_img1.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-hoihoisan_hadashi1.jpg   New Mecha Model Kits-hoihoisan_hadashi4.jpg  

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