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    SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER

    A Transformer blast from the past...

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    Fresh from San Diego Comic-Con (or is yet another Transformers Generation 1 Commemorative Edition exclusive. Now dubbed Autobot Blaster, this communications officer can blast into your home with three of his cassette buddies: Steeljaw, Eject, and Ramhorn. Meaning you shouldn't wait if you haven't ordered one yet.

    I remember owning the original Blaster in my youth and it really was a favorite of mine. Alarge robot with easy transformation that allowed me to PRETEND to listen to music was all that I needed. Oh how times have changed. I'm now spoiled by the Human Alliance and Masterpiece Transformers, so much so I’m just aching for them to make an updated version of this guy. But until then, this will have to do.

    Hasbro has produced some swanky packaging for this Comic-Con exclusive and it falls in line with the "Transformers Universe" product that's already in the stores. I would have loved if Hasbro really treated this line the same way they did the Vintage Star Wars figures. They did that early on for Optimus Prime and Hot Rod but somewhere along the way they stopped. But nevermind that as this is some really great packaging nevertheless.

    A retro style outer sleeve slips over the box with the large Autobot symbol and "Autobot Blaster" text. The box itself is also attractive with new artwork of the character. A opening panel held with Velcro corners (much like the Japanese reissues) reveals product photography as well as the toy itself. I have to say that this is also very collector friendly as you can put everything back in the way you found them for easy storage.

    There really isn't much sense to talk about the sculpt as these are reproductions of the same toys you loved in the '80s. All transformations are easy and if you had them when you were a kid, you don't even need the instructions. It's like riding a bike.

    Not a lot of paint going on but there are some details such as eyes and face that are clean. The rest of the details are done via decals and they're already applied. One thing I'd like to say about paint is that they went with the original yellow eyes for Blaster. I really hoped that they went with the standard cartoon blue eyes. Let the original toy have its identity and let the reissue be its own thing as well. Otherwise, it's a minor nit.

    Articulation on old school Transformers are a real hit and miss. With Blaster you get head and arm movement - everything else is directly tied into its transformation. With the cassettes, there's a bit more articulation with the beasts but again, it's part of their transformation.

    The accessories are great, especially if you count three additional transforming cassettes as accessories. Each cassette also comes with their own set of weapons and a tape case. Blaster himself comes with his... blaster. You can fit one cassette inside Blaster at a time.

    Autobot Blaster is priced at $50, which is a tad on the high side, but these reissues are never cheap. Having this toy again certainly brings back good memories and it's great to have it once more. You are probably wondering when they might reissue the fourth cassette Rewind. Sadly he's not present and isn't clear how or when he'll see the light of day. But since he is just a dub (get it?) of Eject, I don't think too many people are bothered by it. Better to have Steeljaw and Ramhorn.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-1blasterboombox.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-1blastergear.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-1blasterpack.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-1blastertapes.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-1blasterviews.jpg  

    SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_001.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_002.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_003.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_004.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_005.jpg  

    SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_006.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_007.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_009.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_010.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_011.jpg  

    SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_012.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_013.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_014.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_015.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_020.jpg  

    SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_021.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_022.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_023.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_024.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_025.jpg  

    SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_026.jpg   SDCC10 Exclusive G1 Autobot BLASTER-blaster_028.jpg  

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