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    SDCC10: Halo Reach

    PLUS: A closer look at the SDCC exclusive NOBLE SEVEN.

    San Diego Comic-Con coverage brought to you by Collectibles Insurance, Big Bad Toy Store, Sekaido, and Monkey Depot.

    McFarlane Toys impressed collectors at Comic-Con with a modest sampling of their upcoming Halo: Reach action figures and vehicles on display at Diamond's booth. Shown were figures loose and packaged of Noble Team's Emile, Jorge and a Noble Six, as well as a two-pack featuring a Mark V Spartan in white armor and sleek new Elite Ultra. Read our story HERE on the complete rundown of Halo:Reach action figures fans can expect this Fall.

    Even more exciting was the two new Halo: Reach vehicles on display: The eagerily anticipated UNSC Warthog and Covenant Ghost. Soon Halo fans will able to stage their own full-scale action figure wars!

    Comic-Con attendees unable to wait until September were treated to an awesome show exclusive: Noble Seven. Sold for $20 at Entertainment Earth's booth, the Toys"R"Us exclusive figure was an excellent preview of what fans can expect with the full line.

    Aside from a cool new armored look, Noble Seven sports the most impressive deco seen on a Halo figure yet. Worn steel paint apps on the figure's arms and legs contrast nicely with the blue color scheme, itself chipped and dinged with hyper realism. Crisp micro logos and an array of ammo pouches, grenades and new Assault Rifle further lend character to this figure. While color varaints will still be seen in the Halo: Reach series, the amount of personalization added to each Spartan is very refreshing.

    Couldn't attend Comic-Con? Fans are in luck as currently has the figure for sale. Check out more photos of Noble Seven below and be sure to CLICK HERE for more McFarlane Halo: Reach on display at Comic-Con!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblefullatop.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblefull1.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblefull2.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblefull3.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblefull4.jpg  

    SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblefull5.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblefull6.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblefull7.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblefull8.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblefull9.jpg  

    SDCC10: Halo Reach-1nobleclose.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1nobleclose2.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1nobleclose3.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1nobleclose4.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1nobleclose5.jpg  

    SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblegun.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblehelmet.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1nobleside.jpg   SDCC10: Halo Reach-1noblecompare.jpg  

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    Re: SDCC10: Halo Reach

    I grabbed one of these. I was bummed to find out he wasn't in the game, but he's still very very awesome. Definitely some of the best work in this line to date.

    The only draw back, the Spartans of Halo Reach are Spartan III's with the exception of Jorge who is a Spartan II (Like Master Chief). Spartan II's are noticeably taller than Spartan III's... and yet this figure is even taller than the Halo Wars Spartan body. This bothered me because so far the realistic scaling of this line was part of its draw to me. With Noble 7 seeming out of place in his abnormal height, its really adding more selling points to the Square Enix editions over these.

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