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    Disney STAR WARS Series 4

    Exclusive to Disney Theme Parks...

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    Still going strong in the Disney Theme Parks are their novel line of action figures that mashes up the likes of Mickey Mouse with the likes of Luke Skywalker. Now well off on their fourth series, the line has shown vast improvements since it began. Please make note that this action figure line is NOT made by Hasbro, but it is about the same scale. Hasbro HAS made one Mickey Mouse figure as a Jedi and is also available for purchase with his droid R2-MK for those wondering.

    The Disney cartoon gang are all present and accounted for once again in this series of 5 figures.:

    - Mickey Mouse as Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
    - Minnie Mouse as Princess Leia in Boushh Disguise
    - Donald Duck as Han Solo in Carbonite
    - Goofy as C-3PO
    - Bad Pete as Boba Fett

    Though these are all fun to look at and collect, I really do wish that Disney took more time in selecting which character plays which character. Currently we have Goofy playing the roles of C-3PO, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader (he also plays Jar Jar Binks, but let's ignore the prequels for now). Bad Pete would have been better suited to play Darth Vader, especially if his old rival Mickey Mouse is playing Luke Skywalker. It's also a bit strange to imagine Minnie Mouse hooking up with Donald Duck! But I digress.

    Each of the figures are uniformly packaged in the card and bubble format with a design that harkens back to the Original Trilolgy Collection. If you've been collecting these from the start, everything looks exactly the same. What's different this time is the card is marked with a "Series 4" label on the front as the back shows each of the figures available in this series.

    The sculpting on these figures are very well done for a no-named toy company. The likenesses are impressive to say the least and it's amazing to see that they didnít cheapen out on us when it comes to scale. Bad Pete hulks over everyone else as Boba Fett, and not hollow either!

    Another impressive piece is Donald Duck as Han in Carbonite. Instead of giving us an empty shell of a carbonite for Donald to rest inside, Disney has given us two full pieces of fully sculpted figures. Meanwhile Minnie Mouse gets two head variations which is a nice touch.

    Paint has significantly improved and there is very few to watch out for, but it wouldn't hurt to weed out the figures with scuff marks on them.

    As far as articulation goes, thereís still not a whole lot here. Legs for the most part are stationary while youíll get the shoulders and neck articulation with the occasional wrist or cut bicep.

    On the accessory front, some figures are better than others. Goofy/C-3PO comes with zilch. Mickey Mouse as Jedi Knight Luke comes with a lightsaber, Donald Duck in Carbonite comes with himself in Carbonite block and a skiff guard staff. Minnie Mouse comes with a swappable head, removable cape, thermal detonator (plugs into her left hand), and a staff. Bad Pete as Boba Fett is equipped with a removable helmet, jetpack, and blaster.

    Priced at $8.95 each, these figures won't come cheap but are rather fun. They look especially cool with the Galactic Heroes vehicles. These are sold exclusively at the Disney Theme Parks. And as a reminder, the last day to ride STAR TOURS before it goes down for a refresh will be July 26th (Disneyland) and September 7 (Walt Disney World)!

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1alldisneywars.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1bobapetecompare.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1bobapetefull.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1bobapetehead.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1bobapetevader.jpg  

    Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1bobapettepack.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1goofyc3p0.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1goofyc3p0pack.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1goofymany.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1hanboussh.jpg  

    Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1hanbouusshlove.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1handolanaldclose.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1handolandlfull.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1handolandlfullback.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1handolandlpack.jpg  

    Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1handolanldmany.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1handonaldcompare.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1jedimickey1.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1jedimickeycompare.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1jedimickeymany.jpg  

    Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1jedimickeypack.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1minniebousshclose.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1minniebousshcompare.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1minniebousshgear.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1minniebousshpack.jpg  

    Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1minniemany.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1peteandhan.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1cardbackseries4.jpg   Disney STAR WARS Series 4-1disneycarduse.jpg  

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