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    X-Toys' WING COMMANDER (1999)

    Some movies (and toys) are best forgotten...

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    I just scanned a whole bunch of new Card Backs and I'm pretty excited to show them off. Take today's fine example: Wing Commander. This movie (11% on Rotten Tomatoes - ouch!) and toy line was bad, real bad, but lets face it, bad toys are just as much fun as good ones. Laughter is good, right? To be fair, the sci-fi blasters these action figures carried weren't too terrible and can now be found in the hands of my other action figures. No surprise, but a second series was never released nor were the digitally rendered spaceships.

    6" x 10"


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails X-Toys' WING COMMANDER (1999)-wingcommandfront.jpg   X-Toys' WING COMMANDER (1999)-wingcommandback.jpg  

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