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    Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE

    The most impressive piece that Thinkway has put out all year...

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    TOY STORY is a serious benchmark in film and toy history. You've all heard about the lack of Buzz Lightyear toys back in 1995 and SINCE then, there has not been a single year where a Buzz Lightyear toy wasn't present at your local toy store. And now with the release of TOY STORY 3, the toys are an even bigger force than ever before, easily outselling any franchise this year.

    Thinkway Toys has cooked up a wonderful brand of collectibles last year dubbed the TOY STORY COLLECTION and it's still going strong with the addition of Woody's Horse BULLSEYE. Bullseye is the tenth entry in the line and is looking like a clear winner out of all the toys being one of the hardest ones to find currently. Let's find out why.

    Bullseye is packaged in the exact same style "Woody’s Roundup" box you would find for Woody and Jessie... only much larger. The box style matches the look of Stinky Pete in Toy Story 2, complete with an illustrated Bullseye on the front and flashy word bubbles boasting the many neat yet questionable features. Bullseye is secured in his box with plenty of plastic and twisty ties.

    Yes, there are electronic doodads found in Bullseye, but not a lot. A trigger on the left side of his neck allows Bullseye to whinnie and neigh as well as gallop. If you push the button twice, he'll also vibrate, gallop, and play music. An interactive feature allows Bullseye to make galloping noises if you rock him back and forth. Leaving him alone for a while will cause him to "go to sleep". The vibrate feature is definitely questionable as it's completely unnecessary. The music is also a bit much but none of it sacrifices the look of the toy and that's all that matters to me.

    The sculpt and design of this toy is quite amazing. Not only is he accurately scaled, he looks spot-on! This is more impressive than both Woody and Jessie combined... and he costs exactly the same price at $49.99 retail.

    Bullseye is very accurate to the "toy version" of Bullseye so there are no points of articulation, he's just a doll. He does come with a display stand featuring the Woody's Roundup logo to keep Bullseye standing on all fours. It's not the best display stand but it does the job. It's certainly not built for holding a lot of weight and attempting to seat Woody was already quite the challenge. Buzz is too heavy so you would need to make your own heavy duty stand to allow the extra figures.

    Bullseye also comes with the usual Certificate of Authenticity that is included with every Toy Story Collection toy. The saddle unfortunately is sewn on and won't be the subject of ridicule for the young horse.

    If you've been debating on whether $50 is too much to pay for Woody's Horse Bullseye, stop. This is the single most impressive piece that Thinkway has put out all year and for good reason. I've been disappointed by little things on all the previous entries, but Bullseye... he's really done amazingly well. Add it to your collection. You will not regret it.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyepackfront.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyepackfback.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyepackside.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyeinstruct.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyecertificate.jpg  

    Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyefront.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyeside.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyeback.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyeviews.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyeclose.jpg  

    Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyebrand.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyesaddle.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyegang1.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyegang2.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyegang3.jpg  

    Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyegang4.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyegang5.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyegang6.jpg   Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE-1bullseyegang7.jpg  

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    Wink Re: Toy Story Collection - BULLSEYE

    your collection is truly amazing my little 3 year old would love to have this bt we cudnt afford it lovely collection xxxx

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