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    New ANI*STATUE Releases

    Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shining Wind, Steins;Gate, more....

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    Based on a new illustration by the original Evangelion character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Rei appears here dressed in a Yukata, a casual summer kimono. Posed as she takes a leisurely stroll, the girl's flower patterned dark blue clothing complements her signature pale blue hair, and is complete with a pink obi. Rei is equipped for a day of fun (instead of fighting) with her cute accessories including a fan, candy apple, and small purse. The Evangelion heroine stands on an exclusive environmental base with a slot in which you can display either of the two included background cards. Sculpted by Tatsumaki, Rei stands 8 inches tall (1/8th scale).

    Available in August priced at a SRP of $49.99.


    Kneeling with one of her feet tucked under her, the alluring Asuka is posed seductively as she adjusts one of her long pigtails. Her unique red and orange test suit is even more revealing than the regular plug version, and accentuates the girl’s curves with fantastic sculpting. Langley’s trademark red hair is recreated with exquisite attention to detail, and is further accentuated by carefully applied paint applications over translucent plastic. Sculpted by Tsukuru Shirahige, the Eva pilot is approximately 6 inches tall (1/6 scale), and rests on an exclusive clear base.

    Available this November priced at a SRP of $69.99.



    Based on the cover art illustration of "Tony's Art Works from Shining Wind," Xecty is the second in a sub-series of 1/6th scale goddesses following Elwyn Goddess of the Forest. The radiant beauty gracefully rises up out of a flowing windy base, appearing to float in the air. Xecty is posed with her arms above her head, highlighting the curves of her body. The goddess wears nothing but a tiny bikini-like garment that resembles translucent white ribbon and leaves very little to the imagination. As her hair flows down behind her, Xecty's long ears and the white angel wings protruding from her head sweep backwards, away from her serenely attractive face. Sculpted by Hirotoshi Nakamura, Xecty is 12 inches tall (1/6th scale) and comes packaged in an attractive window box.

    Arriving this October priced at a SRP of $89.99.



    Based on the cover illustration from the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Package, Kurisu sits serenely atop a wild gear base, seemingly floating in mid air. Look closely to see amazingly intricate sculpting on her clothing from the billowing jacket to her necktie and boots, while the base itself shows off a whole new level in artistry (there’s even a tiny broken cell phone!). The young woman has a distant look in her eyes, beautiful yet mysterious. Sculpted by MIC Corp., Kurisu is 9 inches tall (1/8 scale) and comes fully pre-painted.

    Available in November priced at a SRP of $79.99.



    Based on a new illustration for the PSP version store poster by Mitsumi Misato, the adorable high school girl is dressed in a skimpy "innocent" pink frill top two piece swim suit. Konomi's pose makes the girl even cuter as she carries her sandals in one hand while with the other she stretches out her frilly top, exposing plenty of skin underneath. Sculpted by Yuzo, Yuzuhara stands 9 inches tall (1/6th scale).

    Arriving in September priced at a SRP of $79.99.

    Source: Edited Koto PR

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    New ANI*STATUE Releases-1_6xecty_main.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Releases-1_6xecty_side1.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Releases-konomi_tensihn_intania1.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Releases-konomi_tensihn_intania2.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Releases-konomi_tensihn_intania3.jpg  

    New ANI*STATUE Releases-konomi_tensihn_intania4.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Releases-makise_intania1.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Releases-makise_intania2.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Releases-makise_intania3.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Releases-makise_intania4.jpg  

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