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    Thanos and Death Diorama

    Marvel's "Mad Titan" coming this Friday...

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    Sideshow announces that their exclusive Thanos and Death Diorama will be available for Pre-Order through the Sideshow Newsletter on Thursday, May 20th, which is typically published between 6PM and 7PM (Pacific Time). Pictured are new images of this cool Marvel collectible.

    The Exclusive Edition of the Thanos and Death Diorama will be priced at $359.99 and will include a switch-out head for Mistress Death, while the regular edition, without the extra head, will be priced at $349.99. Both editions of this piece will be sold on a first come, first served basis, and will have the FLEXPay option available for those seeking a low cost monthly payment plan for this diorama.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio1.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio2.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio3.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio4.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio5.jpg  

    Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio6.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio7.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio8.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio9.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio10.jpg  

    Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio11.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio12.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio13.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio14.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio15.jpg  

    Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio16.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio17.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio18.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio19.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio20.jpg  

    Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio21.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio22.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio23.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio24.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio25.jpg  

    Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio26.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio27.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio28.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio29.jpg   Thanos and Death Diorama-1thanosdio30.jpg  

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    Re: Thanos and Death Diorama

    Another item to add to my future acquisitions list.

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