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    Mecha Model Kit Mania

    New kits from Super Robot Taisen, Armored Core and Patlabor...

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    The elite Super Robot Taisen Fine Scale Model Kits continue with two awesome new fighting robots. The GUARLION TRONBE (pictured top) is composed of approximately 300 pieces cast in different colors, eliminating the need for painting. The fighting unit stands 5 ½ inches tall (1/144 scale). The ALTEISEN – PROGRESSIVE FORM (second pic above) stands over 6 ½ inches tall (1/144 scale) and has nearly 100 points of articulation. Look for both mechs this July priced at a SRP of $49.99 each.



    The number one robot from Armored Core For Answer is back in the biggest and baddest version ever, WHITE GLINT & V.O.B. Paired with its massive booster engines, the White Glint is fully transformable into its flying configuration without removing any parts.

    Other than the enormous booster (above - which can attach to any robot in the Armored Core series), the main hero robot also comes armed with multiple weapons including hand guns, a rocket launcher, missile launcher, energy cannon, and more. Standing approximately 7 inches tall (1/72nd scale), White Glint & V.O.B. together are comprised of 800 parts, and the robot has 30 points of articulation. AC kits require easy snap fit assembly with included pictorial assembly instructions and do not need to be painted. Coming this July priced at a SRP of $99.99.


    "SD-Style" is Kotobukiya's new plastic model kit series featuring various mecha rearranged into stylized miniature versions. It's appropriate then that the first unit in the series is the main character robot from Armored Core for Answer, WHITE GLINT SD-STYLE. It may be small, but the little mecha is intricately detailed down to its signature camera eye. Like its larger brothers, White Glint is easy to assemble with snap fit parts that don't require any glue, and it's even pre-painted in the movie colors. The tough but tiny Core is equipped with its heavy weaponry as well, including the 051ANNR Rifle, EB-0305 Assault Rifle, and SALINE05 Shoulder Missiles. Additional parts let you display White Glint with its boost hatches open or closed. Standing only 4 inches tall, the SD-Style robot is comprised of approximately 80 pieces and has 14 points of articulation. Coming this August priced at a SRP of $19.99.



    The Ingram 1 D-Style model kit captures the look of the original mecha with stunning detail in a cute little package. With 60 pre-painted parts and easy snap-fit assembly, no glue or paint is necessary. In addition to the classic black and white color scheme, the Ingram also has several tampo print logos. While it may be small, this "labor" is armed for bear with a stun stick, 37mm revolver cannon, and riot shield. Standing just over 4 ¼ inches tall, this little robot has approximately 15 points of articulation. Coming this July priced at a SRP of $14.99.

    Source: Edited Koto PR

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mecha Model Kit Mania-0216altver2_action1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-alt_p_pkg_fix.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-altver2_back3.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-altver2_front1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-garlion_toronbe_action1.jpg  

    Mecha Model Kit Mania-garlion_toronbe_back1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-garlion_toronbe_front1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-garlion_toronbe_parts1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-guarlion_t_pkg.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-dsingram01_action1.jpg  

    Mecha Model Kit Mania-dsingram01_front1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-dsingram01_side.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-ingram_pkg.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-ingram_sugumi.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-dswhiteglint_action1.jpg  

    Mecha Model Kit Mania-dswhiteglint_back1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-dswhiteglint_front1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-dswhiteglint_fukan1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-dswhiteglint_side1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-dswhiteglint_up1.jpg  

    Mecha Model Kit Mania-wg_pkg.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-vob1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-wb_flying2.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-wg_action1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-wg_back1.jpg  

    Mecha Model Kit Mania-wg_flying1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-wg_front1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-wg_side1.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-wg_vob_base_cg.jpg   Mecha Model Kit Mania-wg_vob_pkg.jpg  

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