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    "Border Break" Fine Model Kits

    Fighting mecha from the new arcade game...

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    Border Break: Sega Network Robot Wars is heating up the world of giant robot fighting with its intense action and Sega's new RingEdge arcade board. Kotobukiya is the first to bring the fighting mecha of this new game to life with a brand new series of Fine Scale Model Kits from this high-speed team battle arcade game.

    Each robot in the Border Break series is built on the universal core "Cross Frame" outfitted with additional armor, weapons, and accessories. The 6-inch tall robots are fully articulated with 30 points of articulation, and you can combine and interchange parts from different units to create your own original Blast Runner.


    Trading speed for heavy armor and weapons, the Heavy Guard Blast Runner robot is covered in massive armor plates that will stop most conventional attacks. When it's time to do some attacking of its own, the Heavy Guard lets loose with an arsenal of included massive weapons including the "Zaward" Rocket Launcher, Weasel Multi-Purpose Machine Gun, Titan Blast Guard, and ECM Grenade. When not in use the weaponry can be mounted on the robot's back for storage just like in the game, and by swapping out parts you can shrink or extend the exhaust nozzles on the hip boosters.

    Available in April pirced at a SRP of $34.99.


    Built for both combat and support roles, the Shrike is specially designed for extreme mobility and versatility. It has the leanest armor profile of any of the Assault Blast Runners to date, with a streamlined Cross Frame that resembles a power suit more than a heavy robot. The Shrike has plenty of accessories for its many roles including the Smackshot Shotgun, Heavy Mine, Lark Spy Plane Miniature Surveillance Drone and Repair Unit. All of the weapons and equipment can be attached to the support frame, just like in the game. The Shrike also has a removable clear faceplate and the standard deployable hip boosters.

    Available in July pirced at a SRP of $34.99.

    Check out tons of new images of these two Border Break mecha model kits below.

    Source: Edited Koto PR

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-h_guard_pla.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard2_pkg_fix.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_action1.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_action2.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_action3.jpg  

    "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_back1.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_back2.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_back3.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_front1.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_front2.jpg  

    "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_front-weapon.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_gimmick1.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_gimmick2.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_weapon1.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-heavyguard_weapon2.jpg  

    "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-1-.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-2-.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-3-.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-4-.jpg  

    "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-5-.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-6-.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-7-.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-8-.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-9-.jpg  

    "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-10-.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-11-.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-12-.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-13-.jpg   "Border Break" Fine Model Kits-koto-shrike-14-.jpg  

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