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    New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits

    "Bugs beware!"

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    Kotobukiya announces a new series of model kits based on the popular Japanese manga series One-Shot Bug Killer!!. The manga depicts a world in which insects have become immune to ordinary extermination. In response, two competing companies create tiny bug-killing robots, both in the form of miniature cute girls.

    Each 1:1 scale kit (they are minaturized robots hunting bugs!) is comprised of approximately 100 pieces that allow up to 25 points of articulation. One-Shot Bug Killer!! model kits include:


    This bug warrior measures 4 inches tall and wears her traditional cute maid's outfit (with matching slippers and bunny ears). Hoi Hoi-san comes with two different faces – one happy and one angry for furious combat. Her accessories include the massive Hoi Hoi Hammer, heavy machine gun, and exclusive "Bug Killer" bottle. She comes with special decals for her eyes and the logo on her skirt.

    Available in May priced at a SRP of $39.99.


    Combat-san measures 5 2/3 inches tall and wears a cute Western style outfit consisting of a dress over leggings made by Kimiko. The little robot also wears heavy combat boots and long gloves. Combat-san's stern face is all business, and she wears a heavy-duty headband with antennae. She includes replaceable parts to change her eye line and she comes with special decals for her eyes, eyebrows, and eyelashes. She comes armed with a stun gun and rapid-fire rifle.

    Available in June priced at a SRP of $39.99.

    PEST X

    Unlike the cute Hoi Hoi-san, the 5 inch tall Pest-X wears a striking leather-inspired black outfit complete with silver zippers, thigh high boots, and fingerless gloves. Her face is covered by a long white scarf while her bright red hair is held in place by an intricate mechanical device. Ready for miniature battle, Pest X wields dual knives that can be stored in sheaths on her back. While the little robot’s huge blue eyes look cute, pull down her scarf to reveal a wicked grin.

    Available in August priced at a SRP of $29.99.


    At approximately 5 inches tall this new version of Combat-san trades in her previous Western style dress and leggings for a high-tech tactical suit based on Kinryu's Special Forces design complete with heavy combat boots and fingerless gloves. Combat-san's stern face is all business, and she wears a heavy-duty headband with dual antennae. Her arsenal consists of a "Grind Frame," combat knife, "Sundome-Kun," and magazine pouch.

    Available in September priced at a SRP of $29.99.

    Check out the photo gallery below for more images of the One-Shot Bug Killer!! Model Kits.

    Source: Edited Koto PR

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san1.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san2.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san3.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san4.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san5.jpg  

    New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san6.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san7.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san-ts1.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san-ts2.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san-ts3.jpg  

    New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san-ts4.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san-ts5.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-combat-san-ts6.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san1.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san2.jpg  

    New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san3.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san4.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san5.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san6.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san7.jpg  

    New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san8.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san9.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san10.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san11.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-hoihoi-san12.jpg  

    New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-pest-x1.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-pest-x2.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-pest-x3.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-pest-x4.jpg   New "One-Shot Bug Killer!!" Model Kits-pest-x5.jpg  

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