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    Sculpting a Head and putting an LED light in it.

    Hi, I have the perfect body to begin my project. I'll find the paint. The problem is I am new to sculpting so what should I tackle before making this figure. It's a mecha so the head though simplistic will have unforgivable edges. Anyone have any suggestions any sculpting exercises anyway to get rounded lines or so perfect? I thought I'd ask because alot of you who hang out here are great customizers. Once I'm finished sculpting the head I have to put a red L.E.D. light in the face of it. I'm very new at customizing but I don't want to just commission one I'd like to learn myself.
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    I'll see if I can hunt up someone that can answer this. Great question!

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    Re: Sculpting a Head and putting an LED light in it.

    Tools, tools, tools.
    If you try to "free hand" it, it'll be difficult.
    Find yourself some good sculpting tools.

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    Re: Sculpting a Head and putting an LED light in it.

    I use dentist tools to sculpt small details with.
    Not sure where I got them, my dad was sculpted as a hobby and gave me all his tools.

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