I've been around for quite a while in the hobby & am getting out of the material side of robots. I love the hobby, but will be letting go of the toys.

99% of my toys will be sold September 13th afternoon at Morphy Auctions - Home and there will be a book/catalog you can get. Details on the site. Sales will be online, live, by phone, as well as in person.

My tastes go back to the roots of our hobby. So you will find a MIMB Marlboro "Wheeljack" Microman there. There is an AFA MISB Optimus prime as well as a MISB AFA Jetfire and Artfire AFA85's each. There is a MIB Trypticon and AFA 85 Metrotitan also.

September 13th - 15th 2012 Toy, Sports, Holiday (05 & 11)

So I humbly ask for members to check things out. I truly hope members here and at my site robot-japan get them and enjoy them as much as I have.

Best Regards,