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    Arrow Goldbug's Master Trade List

    • MIB Metrotitan $1000
    • MOSC Air Patrol on bilingual Canadian card $100
    • MOSC Japanese Micromaster Battle Patrol $100
    • MOSC Japanese Sports Car Patrol $100
    • MOSC Killbison $50
    • Jaruga complete $25
    • MOSC European Constructicon set of all 6 $120

    • MOSC Fearswoop $75
    • MOSC G2 Hubcap $20
    • G2 Seaspray with full card $10
    • G2 Beachcomber $8
    • Micromaster Groundshaker $5
    • G1 Grimlock gun
    • Optimus Prime left fist
    • Thrust Dirge or Thundercracker fists
    • Bluestreak, Smokescreen, or Prowl broken gun
    • Action Master Jazz gun
    • G2 Hook filecard$1
    • Targetmaster Quake full card $5
    • Micromaster Erector full card $5
    • Transformers Record & Book
    • Transformers Volume 6: Roll For It f.h.e 1984 VHS still sealed

    Action Force
    • Breaker with radio backpack
    • Phones with radio backpack
    • Barracuda
    • Quickfire
    • Skip
    • Stake Out
    • Hot Jets no head
    • Sky Raider no head

    G.I. JOE
    JOE FIGURES* has filecard

    • Snow Serpent with mortar, backpack, snow shoes, & gun $7
    • Custom Crimson Commander {M. Bison head on VvV CG body} $7




    • Spytroops Mission Disc 2 of 3
    • Spytroops Mission Disc 3 of 3
    • Resolute Comic Sicilian Defense (Shockblast vs Destro) $2

    DC Infinite Heroes
    • Hawkman from PE set

    • Darth Revan coin

    Playmates Star Trek (4inch) Tricorder accessory $1


    Micro Machines

    McFarlane Hockey

    • Transformers Volume 6: Roll For It f.h.e 1984 VHS still sealed
    • G.I. Joe Volume 4: Deadly Lies - Skeleton in the Closet & Not a Ghost of a Chance VHS
    • G.I. Joe Volume 7: Captives of Cobra VHS
    • G.I. Joe Volume 9: Nothing but Lies - The Spy that Rooked Me & Sink the Montana VHS
    • X-Men Volume 1: Night of the Sentinels VHS
    • X-Men Volume 2: Enter Magneto & Deadly Reunions VHS

    Now for some really off topic items for trade or sale.
    I will trade mostly for anything on my Want List to get rid of these.

    obsolete German Berlin police shirts with patches sewn on size Large $10

    computer accessories or parts
    • new sealed Apple iMac{the first versions} Microphone works in any mic jack

    Beanie Babies

    WANT LIST is here
    or send me a trade list those are always welcome! Prices are not set in stone either! Make offers!
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    Re: Goldbug's Master Trade List

    updated my list

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    brograry Guest

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    mrphantuan Guest

    Re: Goldbug's Master Trade List

    that is great!!!!!!!!

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