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    Zodacs Sell Thread

    Got laid-off just before Thanksgiving, looking to sell some items to get some extra cash for the holidays and bills after them. I will trade also.

    Don't know what happened to my sell thread... so here is a new updated version of it.

    HUSH All are still MIB
    The Joker
    The Huntress-Pending
    Poison Ivy

    DC Superhero’s Still MOC
    Superman-Black symbol

    DC Universe Classics-Wave 3 MOC

    Savage Dragon-from the TMNT line from the late 90's I think. MOC
    Battle Damaged Dragon
    Savage Dragon-cop uniform
    She-Dragon-Mohawk hair
    She-Dragon-Long hair

    Skybolt Toys-Lightening Comics MOC
    Hellina-Exclusive clear verions-polybaged. Also Signed!
    Hellina Series 1
    Helline Series 1-Blood spattered Chase figure
    Helline Series 1-Gold Version 1 of 5,000
    Helline Series 1-Silver Version
    Hellina-Light-up eyes w/base-Pewter 1 of 4,000
    Hellina-Series 2-Hell glow
    NIRA X-Clear polybaged

    Fantastic Four MOC
    Transforming Super Skrull-Clear*Rare* -Pending
    Transforming Super Skrull-Fire version*RARE*-Pending

    Total JusticeMOC
    The Huntress

    Penguins 2 Exclusive-Sold
    Uncle Deadly-Glow in the Exclusive MOC
    Adventure Kermit-2004 show Exclusive MIB-Sold
    Floyd Pepper-Chase version-Blue coat.*RARE* MOC

    Star Wars
    Kubricks box set, contains-Luke Skywalker cerimonial, Imperial R5 Unit, K-3PO, Ten Numb, and Wicket. MIB

    Han Solo-with gold Coin

    Series One
    Nottingham – Club Exclusive

    Series II
    Sara Pezzini - Human Version
    Sara Pezzini – Wearing Armor

    Ariel – Normal version
    Ariel – Case chase version

    Austin PowersSeries I

    Series II
    Mini Me
    Scott Evil
    Vanessa Kensington

    9inch Fatman (Fat Bastard)

    Transformers -all are loose but complete unless otherwise stated

    Beast Wars-US release
    Drillbit – beetle
    Spittor –frog(blue & orange)
    K-9 – dog
    Megatron – green alligator from two pack
    Optimus – grey bat from two pack
    Inferno – fire ant
    Polar Claw – polar bear
    Snarl - Hyena
    Grimlock – white raptor ( repaint of dinobot)
    Dinobot – raptor (missing small upper left arm)
    Terrorsuar –trydactyle
    B’Boom – baboon
    Optimus Primal – ape (missing all weapons)
    Megotron – T-rex (no missiles)
    Silverbolt – fuszor( bird and lion)
    Blackaracnia – transmetal version(missing one spider leg)

    Maximals=Magnaboss – Elephant, Lion, and Eagle
    Predicons= Magmatron – 3 different dinosaurs

    Japanese released beast wars
    Lio Convoy – white & gold lion
    Galvatron – purple dragon
    Stampy – rabbit
    Rockbuster – crab
    Break – penguin
    Sling – lizard
    Longrack – giraffe
    Guiledart – triceratops
    Archadis – prehistoric bird (missing gun)
    Striker – stegosaurs

    Target Fox kids repaints
    Rhinox – (missing spinning disk)

    Also have a three pack of mini version of three transformers. Includes Optimus Prime, Metroplex and some car I can't remember the name to. This is a set exclsuive to Japan. Still in box, but the box has some damage.

    Thats it for now. I have more updates coming soon!!!

    Oh, I except paypal or money order-Prefer paypal though. I have traded and sold stuff from and also on the fantasticforums by the 4horseman as well.

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    Good luck with your sale!

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