Hey guys! I am selling all of my toys! I am going to be starting out selling Dragonball Z toys, Star Wars toys, and then moving onto my Jurassic Park toys. I need to move on, and need to get rid of these toys. I am a collector at heart but its time to move on.

Star Wars 12 inch C-3PO: Star Wars Collector Series 12 inch C 3PO Figure 1997 Kenner Brand New in Box | eBay

Dragonball Z Figure lot (50 figures!!! Must go!!): Dragon Ball Z Action Figures Lot 50 Figures Must Go | eBay

Dragonball Z Rejuvenation Chamber: Dragonball Z Rejuvenation Chamber | eBay

Dragonball Z Capsule Corp Ship: Dragonball Z Capsule Corp Spaceship 1989 Vintage RARE | eBay