I have the new Black Widow and Hawkeye from the 4" Avengers line.
Looking to trade! See WANTS list below!


Black Widow


Slush Head
Shadow Weaver (I am only willing to trade her if the deal is mind blowing) :hmwink:
Fearless Photog - TRADE PENDING
Shadow Beast
Battleground Teela
I also have a stack of the old MOTU Vintage Mini Comics
Vintage She-Ra dolls...er... figures

GI JOE 1982-2006
GI JOE 1982-2006 - Greatwolf's Lair

GI Joe 25th - ROC - Greatwolf's Lair

GI JOE 80's File Cards
GI Joe FILE CARDS 82-92 - Greatwolf's Lair

STAR WARS More Star Wars figure to come
Star Wars - Greatwolf's Lair

(Marvel Legend to come. Inquire for list)
MARVEL FIGURES - Greatwolf's Lair

DC Super Heroes - Greatwolf's Lair

I also have:
Ghostbusters (all four 12" Figures - MIB)
TRU Exclusive Janine Melnitz
TRU Peter Venkman
WWE Elite Series 14 The Rock (MIB)
Star Wars Legos and other stuff!
Email me for lists!

WANTS: loose is fine

Demo Man (mainly looking for skeley head and armor)
Capt. Glen. (basically I just want the figure with her Capt Glen look. I dont need her queen head, dress, or other accessories)
Temple Of Darkness Sorceress
Neca Leech
Evil Lynn (yellow)
Trap Jaw
Grayskull Stands
Skeletor's Havoc Staff
Blue Merman
MOTU Commemorative Collection figures (MOC only)
I might consider other MOTUC figures if the deal is right
Star Sisters (maybe)
I'd like a He-Man figure for my son. The vintage version. Not classics. All he has is an Adam with no vest which he uses as He-Man.

Title Belt - the play kind, not the figure kind (play wear is okay, my kids will be playing with it anway)
Bella Twins 2-pack
Eve Torres
Other ELITE John Cena's considered
Big Show Elite 13
Rey Mysterio E13
Christian E?
Sin Cara
Steve Austin (newest TRU version preferred, but will consider other)
CM Punk
Other WWE Superstars consider if trade is really good (current stars only)

Star Wars
12" Anakin (Hasbro) (Episode 1 Young Ankin so actually like 6")
Wampa (newest version)
Rancor (vintage or newest version (Jabba's or Jungle))
Slave-1 (Jango's Version, Or Rise Of Boba Fett set)
Slave-1 (Galactic Heroes)
"Vintage" Carded Bespin Han Solo (NOT actual VINTAGE...they are newer figures on "vintage" style cards)
"Vintage Carded Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars)
"Vintage" Carded Hoth Luke Skywalker
"Vintage" Carded Jedi Luke (regular or bluray)
Probably other "Vintage" Carded figures (MOC preferred) (these are NEW figures currently in stores but on "vintage style cardbacks")
Sideshow - Obi-Wan (Ep 3),
- Anakin (Ep3),
- Luke (Bespin)
Star Wars Blu-rays
Lightsabers - (my kids are looking for two kinds in particular... the ones that clip on and the blade go all the way inside hilt (Kenobi, Skywalker or Darth Maul); & the new ones with light up blades that dont fold up at all) but any might do.
Boba Fett Helmet (toy version. even if it doesnt work, again this is for my kids)
Star Wars RISK
Star Wars Board Games

6" Captain America (First Avenger or New movie version)
6" Hawkeye
6" Iron Man (walmart or Marvel Select)
6" Hulk
4" Ultimate WWII Captain America
4" Avengers Captain America (unmasked version)
4" Avengers Captain America (new movie version & First Avenger movie versions)
4" Avengers Hawkeye Comic version
4": Avengers Black Widow (I will trade well for this)
4" Avengers Thor (battle axe)
Marvel Legends or Marvel Select THOR (armored version) If you can find this at retail, I will pay you for it plus shipping loose! (Or can trade)
Marvel Select Movie Hulk
I am willing to trade to your advantage (within reason of course) for any of the above Marvel figures)
Marvel Select Thing
Marvel Select Hulk (new movie version)
Marvel Select Iron Man (movie version)

MISC. Figures
Sideshow Black Widow
GI Joes - (newest versions) Hawk & Sci-Fi
Blazing Sword Voltron
Doctor Who (mini figures)
Doctor Who Tardis
12" Indiana Jones
Lego Mini-fig Indiana Jones
Throbbits (from Blackstar)

Kinect games (let me know what you have)
Assassins Creed Brotherhood (Xbox 360)
WWE 12( for Xbox 360)
Other WWE games for xbox 360
Force Unleashed II xbox 360 (not a priority but if deal is good)
Nintendo (one of those new SNES/NES FC Twin Video Game Systems) and Nintendo Base Wars

Cool board games (especially any with minatures)
Magic The Gathering Cards
Mutant Chronicles
Risk 2210
Risk Lord Of the Rings
Transformers Armada Battle For Cybertron
Warhammer Quest
Space Hulk

MISC. Stuff
Lord Of The Rings Extended Ed Blu-Ray
Sword of Truth Books (the entire series) Or just "Naked Empire"
Military Gear
Survival Gear
Airsoft Gear
Sonic Screwdirver
Costume props (swords especially)

Don't hesitate to offer other trade offers. You never know!