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    Marvel Legends Series 2 Human Torch ( no #4 ) gold foil poster MOC
    Marvel Legends Series 8 IronMan with full armored red torso. MOC
    Marvel Legends Series 9 Bullseye angry face MOC

    Fantastic Four movie (blue card) Phasing Invisible Woman Series 3 MOC
    Fantastic Four RoSS Invisible Woman Series 1 MOC

    Marvel Legends Unleased Black Suit SpiderMan MOC

    Xmen 1st movie Storm MOC
    Xmen 3rd movie Beast with graplin hook MOC

    BAF Peices
    left leg of MonkeyMan LCBH
    left arm of Onslaught
    pink torso of Annihilus
    red dot headpeice & remote of Arnin Zola
    torso of Arnin Zola (red skull)
    left leg of Sentinal
    right leg of Sentinal
    left arm of Sentinal
    right arm of Sentinal
    head of Galactus
    upper & lower torso of Galactus
    right leg of Galactus
    right arm of Galactus
    left leg of Galactus
    left arm of Galactus

    left arm of blue Apocalypse
    right arm of blue Apocalypse
    left leg of blue Apocalypse
    right leg of blue Apocalypse


    WalMart 6" Avenger Hawkeye

    ROML Series 1 Ghost Rider (orange)
    ROML Series 1 Steve Rogers (soild shsield)
    right arm of Nemesis
    right leg of Nemesis
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