KINGDOM HEARTS SORA - RIKU plush doll T R A D E offer

So guys, point blank, I'm a bit desperate (and by a bit, I mean super, immensely, tremendously- you get the point) for a Riku plush doll.
...Why? Because like any other obsessed fangirl, I've just GOT to have it.

And EVERY. SINGLE. STORE. was sold out of Riku plush dolls.
You could probably guess how bad I W A N T E D to cry (because big girls don't cry, bitches)

SO, here I am, offering anyone who's willing to make a trade for my Sora plush doll (which is in great condition, might I add) for their Riku plush doll.

take a look-

Just look at that kewt face. Don't you just wanna take him home? do? So contact me!

Ruuri ; <3

P S . I'm A L S O interested in obtaining a Riku Avatar That little thing you can strap onto your DSi/cellphone. I don't know what it's called...but this little baby riiiight here (see image below)
SO, one you're willing to trade, then I'M YOUR GIRL. Just, uh, contact me, or whatever. ;D