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    For Sale: Dragonball Toy from Japan

    I am a Dragonball Collector, buy so much, till sometimes buy extra also don know.
    Below are my extras I am selling, with conditon mentioned.

    Item are shipped from Singapore.
    Buyer to cover for shipment, I will not extra fix rate for shipment, need not worry, I will charge according to Post Office rate
    Buyer can choose whatever mode of shipment they want.

    Accept interbank transfer, or Paypal.


    Creature Set of 2 - Part 5 Brand New, unopened $55

    DBZ DX HQ Part 4 - Brand New, unopened $55

    DBZ Keychain Set of 5, Brand New, unopened $50

    Real Work Part 4 include variant
    NO BOX, confirm NOT bootleg, plastic unopened - $45

    Real Work Part 6 include variant
    NO BOX, confirm NOT bootleg, plastic unopened - $45

    一番獎 Freeza Set of 4 + Young Goku, bought from Japan, box open, but inside figure plastic unopened. $40

    Latest 一番獎misc prize item - All for $50Items Consist:
    3 X 10-12cm Cup
    6 DBZ Towel
    4 DBZ Folder
    With Special No.18(This is special, not normal 18, body is metallic)

    More details for Special variant No.18

    This is one of the rarest series, don't know series name, brand new, unopened
    Selling at $80

    Rare DBZ 天下一武道會, $180 FIX, brand new, unopened

    Rare item 集英社 1 Star $160
    Buyers, take note of the 4 corner box dents.

    Items here only for postage
    Super Effect Keychain Part 1 - Piccolo $10 inclusive postage

    Latest 一番獎 Freeza Brand New, unopened, need 4 box figure to assemble into 1 freeza
    Secret piece $25
    Photo shown is my display piece, photo 2, is unopened

    Dragonball Latest 一番獎 H賞 Set of 7 - $50

    Dragonball 天下一番獎武道會 Coinbox + 一番獎 Set of 4 武道會figure - $50

    Rare Series, bought from Japan, Set of 2 - $55
    Brand New, unopened.

    Carddass Dragonball Complete Box Set of 4 - $180
    What's inside:
    1) Dragonball carddass Part1 ~Part4 complete set (42 cards/Part, 168 cards in total)
    2) 6-Pocket hard cover card binder with 16 pieces refill.
    3) Exclusive A3 size Jumbo Cell (transparent) Card with background card.
    4) Special Explanation booklet. (in Japanese)
    5) Hard paper container box to hold the above items.
    Product Condition:
    Brand new

    If interestd, please email me at
    Thanks again

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    Re: For Sale: Dragonball Toy from Japan


    Do you sell figures over eBay?

    Also, do you have some DragonBall HSCF figures on sale?


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