First, it is a great film, not just a great batman movie. Others have compared Christopher Nolan’s two batman movies to Tim Burton Batman, I will not repeat his comments. Let me tell you everything about this movie, from script to casting the CGI quality and, finally, the staging is superb.
Christopher Nolan has a vision. And whether you agree with him or not, certainly true in “The Dark Knight”; - a vicious circle, exciting, overwhelming, intelligent event-film that redefines the comic-book-movies. Nolan description in dark, gloomy Gotham City (where the crime hell realm protected by legendary superhero Batman), the director tries to make everything real (which he started in the well-received “batmanBegins”). It is plausible, possible. And yet, it is more than that is just beginning; was a dissection of myth, the nature of symbols and heroes; Knight of the escalation of that idea. It is a confrontation of the Bible;Good and evil; but “good and evil”really exist: a conflict of ideals, something that can not be strictly defined, but is at a point of view. Worldwide Nolan, the line of villainy and heroism is not crossed ... is nonexistent.

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