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    Super Heroes, Video Games, Anime, Horor, ect.

    Lots of miscellaneous stuff for sale. Check it out : )
    I'll be adding new stuff to this page often this month so be sure to check back


    Marvel Icons Venom set: 12 inch figure set includes Venom (unmasked variant) in Box and regular Venom loose. Figures feature more than 30 points of articulation : $20

    Batman: TAS carded
    Man-Bat $10
    Wild Card Joker $10
    Harley Quinn $20


    Metal Gear Solid

    MGS1 Carded
    Liquid Snake $20
    Meryl $10
    Psycho Mantis (stealth variant) $10

    Medicom UDF (loose)
    Old Snake (MGS4)
    Naked Snake, sneaking suit (MGS3)
    Solid Snake (MGS2)
    $10 each or all 3 for $25

    Final Fantasy

    Extra Knights by Bandai (the first figures released for FF7): the figures
    are the Japanese release. They have been removed from the card ,
    however card and bubble are still intact (bubble taped onto card, not
    sealed or glued) all accessories included
    $8 eac


    Resident Evil 4


    Akira MacFarlane
    loose set, includes: Akira (w/ throne), Kaneda (w/ gun and battery pack), Tetsuo (w/ mutant arm), Joker (w/ street base and machine gun w/ battery pack) and Kaneda w/ Bike (the figure is different from the other Kaneda, designed to fit his bike) $15

    Toytribe/ Kaiyoda Nicholas D Wolfwood carded $15
    Vash bust Palisades (comes in original box) $20
    Wolfwood bust Palisades (w/ box) $20
    Mcfarlane Vash carded $12 (includes a loose Vash as a bonus: w/ gun, cat, glasses and alternate arm)

    Lain Toynami doll in box (school uniform) $10

    MORE STUFF COMING SOON!!! Resident Evil 4, Speed Racer, Ghost in the Shell, Hell Raiser and more!
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