REVIEW: Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 1

Tony Stark's first foray into iron suits in 1/6th scale...

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Iron Man is now one of the most popular super heroes and, thanks to Hot Toys, Tony Starks' first foray into the iron suit business is now available in 1/6th scale.

This time, Hot Toys give fans an extra outer slipcase designed like a wooden box. Besides that, this package is similar to the Mark II and Mark III, with the outer cover flap covering the inner layer from the side. One can see the “heart of Tony Starks” from the outer layer, but when you open it up, you can see Tony’s body with shirt which is a nice surprise! The outer layer is printed with a detailed description and nice graphics portraying the Mark 1. One can use this as a backdrop for photographing the figure should they wish.

The outer layer uses magnets to set the flaps in place, a technique much better than velcro button as the box looks neater and cleaner when it is closed.

Personally, I think this is a very excellent design. I respect Hot Toys for making all their 1/6 figures packages truly collectible.

First things first, the prototype head sculpt looked as if Tony Stark is sweating (since he is in a very hot and stuff environment, an iron suit). The prototype pictures show this, but when it comes to the real product, the material used looks different and failed to depict the sweat well. It seems Hot Toys is trying a new material; I personally prefer the old material (used in Machiko and TDK Batman). In my opinion, the best Tony Stark head sculpt is from the Mark III. This new material looks more plasticy compared with the old. Likewise, the paint applications on the face and head look pale. Thankfully, you can display it with the mask down.

Besides the above mentioned issues, the rest of the body sculpt is perfection and accurately represents the Mark 1 armor from the film. The heaviness and unstructured look comes through perfectly. Likewise, the minute details - like loose wiring and complex cabling - shows the cave-built, low tech look of this iron suit, which has a major giant robot effect thanks to its construction.

Under the armor, the Hot Toys body wears clothes covering all the articulation points. You can’t really see any joints from this figure, which is a positive. While internet rumors abound that you can indeed remove the armor, it's not suggested as it's not made to be removed and many of the parts and pieces are fragile.

As for accessories, the Mark 1 does not come with many accessories. This figure comes with 2 exchangeable hands, a typical Movie Master Series stand and a removable mask/face plate. The removable mask/face plate has 2 small holes on the top which you need to push a little bit harder while attaching it to the head. As a bonus, the Mark 1 - like the Mark II and III - shows "Tony's heart" shining through the armor. The LED light on this particular figure (above) is much brighter than on the Mark II and III. Also, Hot Toys has modified the switch to a "push button" mechanism to turn on and off the light.

Very complex in design, the materials used in the Mark 1's construction is fragile in places and thus dynamic posing should be avoided. One can achieve various poses, none too dynamic. From the prototype pictures, it is shown with the ability of leg bending and kneeing down on the floor but I would not recommend doing this because one will probably break the cabling in the leg.

The Mark 1's paint applications are amazing. Featuring army camo designs and paints on certain parts on the armor, the suit truly looks like a hodgepodge of miscellaneous parts and pieces. Some people might complain about these extra paint applications, but they're accurate to the film. Likewise, the silver parts aren't shiny, but a dulled iron look which, again, accurately represents the suit's appearance in the film.

The highest priced Hot Toys Iron Man MMS figure at $170, there's no doubt the Iron Man Mark 1 includes the most detail of the Iron Man suits. With more parts, pieces and the most complex design, the Mark 1 is a masterpiece in 1/6th scale. While many fans will like the Mark II or III for their sleek sexy lines and heavier firepower (at least, in the movie!), the Mark 1 is the OG of the Iron suits - heavy, complex, and utterly unmistakable.

Overall, the sculpt, paint and design on this 1/6th figure area as good as Sideshow’s Premium Format statue (though in a smaller package). Photos don't do this figure justice, it must be held to be fully admired...

Get yours and admire your own Mark 1 today!

Be sure to check out over 30 images of this figure in the photo gallery, below!

- photos and review by CK Lee

Iron Man Mark 1 PHOTO REVIEW
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