REVIEW: Hot Toys MMS Terminator: Salvation T-600

The evolution of the humanoid Terminator begins...

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Thanks to Hot Toys, fans can now own the original humanoid Terminator in 1/6th scale; the T-600. The tallest Endoskeleton released from Hot Toys, this massive machine will dwarf other 1/6th figures and definitely impress Terminator fans...

The packaging instantly catches the eye. Similar to the packaging design of other Terminator: Salvation figures from Hot Toys, the company has made the whole thing out of a vacuformed Styrofoam. The outside of the foam is sculpted simulating the T-600 body pattern, a great addition that impresses even more. This is surrounded by a cardboard outer sleeve printed with pictures and information regarding the figure. This sleeve needs to be slipped off before one can open the package.

First, some have said the head isn't movie accurate. That said, I see nothing wrong with it and Iím still amazed with this figure's details. The overall final product of the T-600 turned out pretty well. It looks very similar to the prototype with most of the parts on this figure featuring a "scorched" surface (similar to the T-700) across the head, arms, body and legs. Likewise, the figure is a design masterpiece, featuring an construction of springs, cables, pistons, and pipes. Truly an impressive piece that'll impress those looking at the first of the humanoid Terminators...

The head fits on a ball joint connecting to 2 rods and 2 spring tube at the back for the flexibility of the head movement. But still you canít easily move the head to face downwards as the jaw (which can be opened and closed) is preventing movement.

Articulations on other parts of the body are decent enough and include fingers and toes as well as shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles.

The hands - which feature individual fingers with 3 points each - have a total of 14 points per; truly impressive! Extra carefulness is definitely needed when posing or bending the fingers as they are extremely fragile.

The pistons work just quite well just like the real thing. When comparing this T-600 with my other Hot Toys figures the ankle of this T-600 are a little weaker; meaning it's best to display with the stand (below) to prevent it from falling down.

The figure includes a factory floor diorama based stand with T-600 name plate (above); simple assembly is required to build the base and a simple user guide within the packaging.

The T-700 comes with Gatling gun and ammo pack with harness (above). One will need to be careful while putting the ammo pack on the figure as the hooks are small and fragile. The figure also includes light-up eyes (cell button battery operated, battery included). The light-up function is pretty much a must for this type of figure nowadays, and fans will appreciate the "push button" on/off switch of the T-600 over the "lever" on the Iron Man or Predator 1 figure. The switch is easily accessible on the back of the figure without the backpack, but once the ammo pack is on the figure, it's impossible to reach without taking off the pack.

The overall paint applications gives the figure a heavy metallic feel, with plenty of weathering and rusting to make it look battle worn.

Overall, this paint application is one of the best of the Endoskeletons by Hot Toys and it truly needs to be seen to believed. The bright, silvery hands contrast the weathered, exterior; a great way to again show amazing detail from Hot Toys.

Standing 14" tall, the T-600 dwarfs most 1/6th figures and, while it retails for a staggering $169.99, it's well worth the investment for die-hard Terminator fans looking to add a true masterpiece to their collection. While many fans are probably waiting for the T-600 (Weathered Rubber Skin Edition), those who like the look of the Endoskeleton will appreciate this version. A classic look that'll be instantly recognizable to fans and non-fans alike, there's no doubt Hot Toys T-600 will be a popular piece for 1/6th scale collectors.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery below for more images of the T-600!

- photos and review by CK Lee

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