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One of the classic fantasy films, Legend continues to impress fans with its character and set designs. Thankfully, numerous companies over the last few years have taken notice and created not only action figures, but high-end statues and busts based on what many film fans consider one of the best fantasy film villains of all time: Lord of Darkness.

One of the most impressive - if not THE most impressive - pieces to be made is Sideshow's Lord of Darkness Premium Format Figure.

Considering the premium format figure stands 2' tall and weighs 25 pounds, the packaging has to be both durable and eye-catching. An enormous cardboard box with an attractive close-up of the statue's face and head on the front, shadowed, full-sized images of the statue on both sides, and a product descriptions and full-sized image on the back, the box art and design features dark colors reminiscent of the film's atmosphere.

The interior of the box features a massive Styrofoam container which houses the figure, its accessories, and base in separate compartments, ensuring paint rubs or physical damage remain improbable.

With fine, exacting detail, Sideshow has once again proven why they're the best there is at what they do. And why what they do is very very nice...

At 23" tall, 15" wide, and made up of multiple materials - including a sculpted polystone body, cloth cape, layered beaded cloth shoulder pads, polystone armor, burlap pants, and braided cord (below) - this piece truly exemplifies the word "premium."

From the detailed facial sculpt to the sculpted fur legs, there's no doubt countless hours of research went into the replication of the original Tim Curry costume worn in the filming of Legend. The pose, a defiant and somewhat challenging stance, demonstrates Darkness' boastful and spiteful attitude. And with a fanged smile which sends shivers down the spine spread across his high-brow face, there's nothing funny about this demon's laughter...

Truly a work of pop culture art, Darkness features an accurate and impressive color application which helps bring this figure to life. The metallic staff features a deep iron coloring with a slight faux patina which gives it an aged look. Darkness' body and head/face, featuring a deep blood red color with various shading to accentuate the musculature and facial shapes, again helps show the accuracy of the artists' work. Though the beaded outfit and massive bellowing cape catches the eye, the blood red body and face as well as the massive black horns remain the most visually striking and first thing someone sees.

Both the exclusive and non-exclusive include a left hand holding the massive sword Darkness wields at the end of the film to fight Jack. However, being this is the exclusive version, it also includes an interchangeable left hand holding the severed Unicorn's horn. An alternative to the somewhat brutish-looking sword, the detailed unicorn horn not only takes up less space, but also shows Darkness at his most powerful. The piece also includes a detailed stone-like base which holds the statue upright and features a nameplate so non-fans will know upon whom they look.

With a retail price of $349.99, some fans might baulk at the cost; but considering this piece dwarfs most Legend collectibles, few die-hard fantasy fans will want to pass up this monstrosity...

While the benefits of displaying this are numerous, the only downside - your family and friends thinking you worship the Dark Lord himself - seems slight in comparison to NOT having this beautiful monstrosity in your collection. After all, there are few who won't appreciate its amazing design, gorgeous paint applications, and impressive multi-media construction.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery below for over 45 photos of the Lord of Darkness!

Sideshow Legend: Lord of Darkness Premium Format Figure Gallery
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