INTERVIEW: Silver Scream Toys

Allen Duncun, founder of Silver Scream Toys, reveals licenses and more... recently had the unique opportunity to interview Allen Duncun of the newly formed Silver Scream Toys, a new toy company dead set (no pun intended) on creating figures based on classic film characters most fans thought would never receive the action figure treatment. It seems Silver Scream Toys has a lot planned for fans of classic film characters from movies like Revenge of the Ninja and The Prowler.

We ran Mr. Duncun through the gauntlet and had him answer some big questions on Silver Scream Toys' upcoming products. (MM): What is the goal of Silver Scream Toys and how was it created?

Allen Duncun (AD): (Silver Scream Toys was created) to be a company who cares about collectors and what they want. As for how we came about; my business partner and I are both huge collectors and we felt a lot of companies didn't care about what we wanted, so we took it upon ourselves to make what we felt people want...

MM: What products do you currently have planned?

AD: We will be starting with one line of figures for now. There will be 4 figures per series and a box set.

MM: What licenses are you pursuing?

AD: Right now we have The Prowler and Revenge of the Ninja locked up. We are also...finaliz(ing) deals for Night of the Creeps and Prom Night. We also have our eyes on The Cryptkeeper. (That) will wrap up Series 1.

MM: Why did you start Silver Scream Toys?

AD: I'm a fan. When I saw what Jerry (Macaluso) was doing over at SOTA Toys, I knew (this is) what I wanted to do...

MM: What role do you see Silver Scream Toys playing in the toy industry?

AD: A large one, I hope (laughing). Really, I want to be the company that makes the fan's happy and doesn't bow down to what (the) mass market wants on its shelves.

MM: When can fans expect to see your products on retailer's shelves?

AD: Hopefully early 2008. We are shopping factories at the moment and that's a key step for us.

MM: What retailers will be carrying Silver Scream Toys?

AD: We were in talks with Spencer's and Hot Topic, but - again - I will not put out something they want us to. (The figures) will be available wholesale through our web site so comic shops and other small retailers can purchase them. If we run into a problem with the mass retailers, we're going to use the internet market as well as the smaller comic shops and specialty stores. We may have smaller production runs and charge a little more for the figures. From the feedback I'm getting, fans are willing to pay the extra few bucks to get there hands on the more obscure stuff...

MM: What do you think of the current state of the toy industry?

AD: It's in a down swing right now. But I think better days are ahead. I think mass market had a lot to do with (the current state of the industry and) companies rehashing the same old figures. A lot of collectors don't want them. Putting out figures that no one thought they would ever see get made is what I feel will give us our edge.

MM: Who will be sculpting your figures and what other artists or talent are you working with?

AD: My partner Mark Westin is our head sculptor right now and Jerry has also volunteered his services.

MM: What are some of your favorite collectibles by other companies?

AD: I always loved what Jerry was doing with SOTA. The guy is just an amazing sculptor. I also like what NECA does...

MM: Where do you see Silver Scream Toys in 1 year and in 5 years?

AD: In one year, profitable. Just kidding (laughing). (In five years,) I see Silver Scream Toys as the number one collectibles company in the industry. We're coming for you NECA...

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INTERVIEW: Silver Scream Toys

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