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Playstation, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, and more...

Bad Fly T-Shirt Gurus has an incredible assortment of exciting t-shirts and apparel based on your favorite films, TV shows, video games, comic books and more including...

* Iron Man Tales of Suspense Issue 39 T-Shirt

* Invinicible Iron Man Issue 126 T-Shirt

* Playstation Controller T-Shirt

* Playstation 3 Logo T-Shirt

* God of War 3 T-Shirt

* Labyrinth Theatrical Movie Poster T-Shirt

* Labyrinth Should You Need Us T-Shirt

* Labyrinth Jareth Juniors Tee

* Dark Crystal Movie Poster T-Shirt

* Dark Crystal T-Shirt

* Dark Crystal Jen Juniors Tee

* Dark Crystal Kira Juniors Tee

* Fantastic Four Logo T-Shirt

* Fantastic Four Doctor Doom T-Shirt

* Fantastic Four Thing It's Clobberin' Time T-Shirt

* Amazing Fantasy Issue 15 Cover T-Shirt

* Avatar T-Shirt

* Avatar Flight Scene T-Shirt

Be sure to also check out the new Wallet Section, NEW T-shirts Section, NEW Hats section and Hooded Sweatshirt Section for a variety of cool apparel!

Other cool t-shirt and apparel categories include...

* Family Guy T-Shirts

* Godzilla T-shirts

* Guitar Hero T-Shirts

* Dragon Ball Z T-Shirts

* Star Trek T-Shirts

* Death Note T-Shirts

* Spider-Man T-Shirts

* Star Wars

* Street Fighter Category and Shirts

* Ninja Gaiden Category, Shirts, and Hats

* Nintendo T-Shirts

* Gears of War

* The Dark Knight

* Indiana Jones

* The Simpsons

* Hellboy

* Voltron

* Thundercats

* Halo 3

* Anime

* Heroes

* Horror films - Friday the 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, Hellraiser and more!

* 300

* Marvel Comics

* He-man and the Masters of the Universe

* Transformers

* G.I. Joe

All of these and more available NOW at!

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