MONSTER MADNESS: Malevolent Abominations -- DEMONS

The wicked rogues of the Underworld unleash their fury...

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Some are conjured by courageous souls to exact revenge, while others manually sow their evil out of sheer malice and hatred of humankind. They are demons, dangerous abominations of the Underworld.

One such Hell spawn is the vengeance demon Pumpkinhead. Created by the legendary special-effects master Stan Winston, the looming monster first saw figure form in 1999 as part of McFarlane Toys' "Movie Maniacs" series 2. Super-sizing the creature from 6-inches tall to a towering twenty, SOTA Toys unleashed Pumpkinhead as a "Now Playing Mega Scale" collectible. For the ultimate Pumpkinhead fan, Sideshow Collectibles brought to life a menacing 27.5" tall maquette. Alas, the stunning sculpture came at a price -- not your soul, but a scathing 850 dollars.

Hailing from the fantasy writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, the Balrog was a colossal fiery fiend that nearly brought down the mighty wizard Gandalf. Shown in daunting detail in Peter Jackson's epic motion pictures The Lord of the Rings, the Balrog has seen its fair share of figures. Sideshow captured the demon as several remarkable resin pieces, while Play Along toted the winged terror in their "Armies of Middle-earth" mini-figure line. Trumping them all with its tremendous size, sculpt and sound chip was NECA's behemoth. The "Epic Scale" Balrog stood over 24" tall and featured a frightening 42" wingspan, dwarfing its toy rivals. Priced at around $100, the action figure is the epitome of Balrog collectibles.

After years of stalking the big screen, demons soon found their way into the world of comic books. Todd McFarlane led the march with a slew of the creatures in his successful Spawn series of comics and toys. Aside from the main man himself, McFarlane introduced fans to fantastic fiends such as Violator, Vandalizer and Malebolgia.

Chaos reigns supreme in Chaos! Comics with their powerful Purgatori, Cremator and Lady Demon. MAC had a hand at turning these characters into incredible action figures, as did Diamond Select Toys with an amazing Art Asylum sculpted series.

Sexy or shocking, demons stalk our reality in many sinister shapes and sizes. While their intentions are unpredictable and insidious, one thing is for certain, they make for truly awesome toys.

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