Sponsor News: Tips to Preserve Your Collection

From Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC...

Light -- Store your collection away from direct sunlight.

Humidity -- Keep a good balance, ideally 50% humidity. Too much humidity can cause mold. Too little can cause plastic and cardboard packaging to crack, shrink & become brittle.

Temperature -- Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations that can occur in attics & garages. The ideal temperature for preservation is approximately 64 degrees.

Handling -- Avoid excessive handling as the oily residue on skin can remain on items causing deterioration.

Stillage -- 6 inches (off the floor) is all it takes to keep your collection safe from water damage caused by flooding, especially if stored on the ground floor or basement.

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About Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC (www.CollectInsure.com)

Since 1966, Collectibles Insurance Services has been "insuring today's treasures from tomorrow's tragedy." As a company founded by fellow collectors, we understand that your collection is worth so much more than just money. And as experts in collectibles insurance, we know standard homeowners insurance alone isn't enough to replace your treasures.

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