NECA: Epic Scale Balrog - UPDATE!

Now Available for Pre-order!

Big News, in our last interview with NECA's Randy Falk he told us that the Balrog would be coming. Well now we have our first report, thanks to Ryan Brookhart, that it is available for Pre-order at

They have it listed as "Lord of the Rings: 22" Balrog Electronic (Lights) Action Figure" with an arrival date of December 20, 2005. Their price is $99 which is a savings off the currently listed MSRP of $119.99. This price may seem a little high, but would still be reasonable for an electronic version of this most sought after Lord of the Rings Monster. Of course keep in mind that price and release date are subject to change and to allay your fears about ordering at this price Thomas from wrote in to tells us that "If the costing matrix turns out to be incorrect, we will immediately drop the price down to coincide with any adjustments they might make (thereby automatically lowering the price on any pre-orders already accepted up to that point.) Regardless of what the cost ultimately ends up being, our price WILL be a guaranteed savings off the MSRP. PROMISE."

This is important especially to anyone on the fence about pre-ordering. NECA is using retailer orders to gauge if it's worth even producing this figure. If collectors want to get the Balrog they're going to have to let their voices be heard and they can do that through pre-orders. I'm sure it will soon be available for pre-orders at other online dealers as well so keep your eyes open!

In the meantime you can discuss this with fellow collectors in our Forum.

Thanks to Ryan Brookhart for the heads-up. You can check out his article on the Balrog HERE.

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Gothmog (Editor)
on 08/18/2005
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