FIGURE FLASHBACK: Terminator Toys Through the Ages

Cool cyborg collectibles past, present and future...

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1984 - James Cameron's low-budget sci-fi film, The Terminator, becomes a box-office success. The seed for licensed Terminator collectibles is planted.

1991 - James Cameron returns with the stunning special effects sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. All systems are go for the Terminator merchandise machine.

– Kenner releases a mass market toy line based on Terminator 2.

1992 – Kenner continues their T2 toy invasion with a line titled Terminator 2: Future War. Techno-Punching, Power-Armed Terminator action ensues.

1995 - Toy Island taps T2 with a couple figures, including a massive 15” Endoskeleton.

1996 – Galoob shrinks the cyborg action down in size with a T2 MicroMachines collection.

1997 – Line of repainted Kenner figures called T2 3-D released in support of the Universal Studios Florida attraction. “Battle Across Time!”

2001 – Aoshima of Japan releases a series of Terminator collectibles, including detailed 6-inch build-it-yourself T2 Endoskeleton figures.

– Terminator 2’s T-800 and T-1000 join McFarlane’s fourth series of popular Movie Maniacs. Sarah Connor and a T-800 Endoskeleton join Series 5 a year later.

2002 – NECA unleashes T2 Head Knocker series starring the T-800 in both Arnold and Endoskeleton forms. T3 Knockers follow.

2003 - Arnold is back in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

– McFarlane releases 6-inch action figure line based on T3. A deluxe 12” T-850 crowns the collection.

- Hot Toys stuns collectors with the release of 1:6 scale Terminator 2 figures, including Kyle Reese and two T-800s.

2005 – Gentle Giant takes on Terminator 3 with a series of collectible busts and ornaments.

2006 – Sideshow kicks off a strong multi-year run of Terminator 2 and 3 collectibles ranging from 12” action figures to collectible busts, prop replicas, statues… even a life-size Terminator Endoskeleton.

– The T-800 Endoskeleton – as both 7 and 18 inch action figures – join NECA’s Cult Classics line up.

April 2009 – Playmates unleashes extensive mass market toy line based on anticipated fourth movie in the Terminator franchise: Terminator Salvation.

May 2009 - Terminator: Salvation blasts into theaters May 21st.

– DC Unlimited hops on the T4 bandwagon with a collection of four detailed mini busts.

– Funko taps Terminator Salvation with collectible T-600 Wacky Wobbler and Funko Force figures.

May-Summer 2009 – Hot Toys begins their Terminator Salvation onslaught with a unique Terminator Factory diorama and series of high-end 1:6 scale action figures.

– DST adds to their Ultimate Quarter Scale figure collection with Arnold as the T-800 in T2. Multiple waves of T2 Minimates also unleashed.

- NECA to release four 7-inch figures of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the unstoppable T-800 as seen in Terminator 2.

2010? – Playmates plans to continue the time traveling, cyborg action with action figures based on the first three Terminator movies.

While this timeline does not cover every piece of Terminator memorabilia produced, it should give you a good idea of the awesome array of collectibles released and on the way... as long as the machines don't revolt first.

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