Mattel Q & A for February, 2008

Speed Racer, Kung Fu Panda, Masters of the Universe, more...

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Mattel continues their Q & A program with another round for February. Read on... In what scales can fans expect to see the Speed Racer figures and cars?

Mattel: Speed Racer figures will be available in both 3 ¾ scale and a 5" figure of Speed Racer is included with a deluxe Mach 6 vehicle. What's the status of the animated JLU figures? Are new characters on the way?

Mattel: Look for details in Toy Fare magazine on sale Feb 12th! What types of products besides action figures can fans expect see at retail for Kung Fu Panda?

Mattel: We have some really exciting role play items like the Sword of Heroes and a very cool cross bow that shoots foam darts. Additionally, there are some electronic figures such as the Master Moves Po which features the voice of Jack Black and can execute hundreds of Kung Fu moves! What's the future hold for the Avatar: The Last Airbender and Naruto lines?

Mattel: Both lines are doing well. New figures will hopefully be announced at NY Toy Fair and Comic-Con. Rumors continue to float about the new Masters of the Universe line. Is there going to be a new line, and if so, when will we begin to see it?

Mattel: We are always exploring future possibilities for the mightiest man from Eternia. Nothing is ready for announcement just yet, but stay tuned on the horizon...

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