Mattel October Q & A: 2.0

New Masters of the Universe confirmed, Kung Fu Panda, CARS, more...

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Mattel continues their Q & A program with another round for October. Read on...

Figures: What kind of toys can children and collectors expect to see in the new Kung Fu Panda line?

Mattel: We will have a full array of action figures, plush characters and role play items for Kung Fu Panda. These toys will deliver all of the awesomeness of the movie with Kung Fu action and accessories.

Figures: Are there any plans for Naruto playsets?

Mattel: In January we will have a new wave of 3-inch Naruto figures that each come with a piece of a tree diorama. If you collect all 10 figures you can build an awesome tree base to hold the 3-inch figures.

Figures: You've stated before that the CARS line will continue into 2008 and beyond. What do you think has made the line so popular with children and collectors alike?

Mattel: The CARS line delivers all of the action and speed of a traditional die-cast car line but also has the advantage of offering vehicles with personality that kids and collectors can really relate to. This, along with the wide selection - has really been a key factor to the toy line’s success. We can all agree that being able to get the entire world (of any collection) is part of the fun.

Figures: There's no denying fans want more Masters of the Universe. What would it take for Mattel to bring the toy line back?

Mattel: We ask that fans for just a little bit more patience as we finalize the details. Typically, it takes 12-18 months for toys to go from concept to toy shelf. As for MOTU, we are absolutely working on it.

Figures: With the new DCU figures, CARS and both Speed Racer and The Dark Knight in theaters next year, Mattel has a lot of big properties hitting shelves in 2008. What are your expectation What steps are you taking to ensure greatest exposure and distribution?

Mattel: Some of these toy lines have been “double tooled” which means we can produce twice as many, twice as fast. Another advantage for collectors next year is that with a new Batman film in theaters, retailers are much more interested in offering more of other DC lines. They tend to compliment each other on the shelf especially in a movie year.

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Mattel October Superhero Q & A: 2.0

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