Toy Fair 2004 - Mattel: Harry Potter

New product line revealed for upcoming movie: “Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban”!

Come June 4, 2004, the third installment of Harry Potter movies from Warner Bros. Pictures - “Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban” - will be released to the big screen. Before the flick hits theaters, Mattel will usher in their new line of Harry Potter toys, to be available nationwide.


*Harry Potter Action Figure Assortment - Each figure is approximately eight-inches tall with the main characters signature features from the movie. The assortment includes: Extreme Quidditch Harry, Expecto Patronum Harry, Azkaban Dementor and Lupin/Werewolf figures. SRP of $9.99 and available April 2004. A Deluxe Assortment is also scheduled for release. Images of the three pictured above and below.

*Harry Potter Mini Figure Assortment - Each of the four assortments is comprised of three figures and their accessories, which include Harry, Ron and Hermione; Harry, Malfoy and Buckbeak; Harry, Lupin and Werewolf; and Harry, Sirius and Dementor figures. Best of all, the scale of these figures allows them to work with the Harry Potter Mini Figure Playset Assortment. SRP $6.99. Available April 2004.

*Harry Potter Magic Powers Harry - Magic Powers Harry is approximately 12-inches tall and can “levitate” a ball, turn the pages of a book, conjure a flame and summon a Demontor. SRP: $19.99. Available April 2004.

*Harry Potter Owl Assortment - Each of these two and three-quarter-inch high owls has its own distinct pair of movements which include wing, head and eye movements that make them come “to life” via a magnet and coil mechanism operated on three replaceable cell batteries. Simply turn the power switch to the “On” position, press the activation switch and the owl will magically come “to life,” flapping its wings and moving its head or eyes in a distinctive way. The assortment includes:

-Winter Owl: Head turns side-to-side as wings flap

-Grey Owl: Head moves up and down as wings flap

-Tawny Owl: Opens eyes fully and close half way as wings flap

When not in use, each owl can be stored by setting them on their perches. SRP $6.99. Available April 2004.

*Harry Potter and Hermione Granger Fashion Dolls - The two main characters in the Harry Potter literary and movie series’ come “to life” as fashion dolls. Each comes dressed in the clothes made to look like those worn throughout most of the upcoming Harry Potter movie,” “The Prisoner of Azkaban.” The Harry Potter fashion doll comes dressed in denim slacks, a burgundy colored t-shirt, socks, sneakers, blue knit jacket and traditional Hogwarts robe, while the Hermione Granger fashion doll comes dressed in tan corduroy slacks, multi-striped knit top with hood, sneakers, and her Time-Turner accessory. SRP of $14.99. Available April 2004.


*Harry Potter Mini Figure Playset Assortment - Each set comes with two mini figures, lots of unique accessories and clever surprises. There are two new environments for 2004, Potions Class and Magical Creatures; each comes with more than a dozen accessory pieces and surprise features. SRP of $12.99 each. Available April 2004.

*Harry Potter Knight Bus Playset - The Knight Bus playset is a carrying case for up to eight of kids favorite Harry Potter mini figures, while providing a mobile playset. The Knight Bus playset features four platforms that can hold two mini figures each, and when kids place their figures on one of the triple-decker bus’ platforms, a simple lift of a knob on the top side of the bus can bring them to any of the three levels. Each platform can also turn to reveal any of the characters through the bus windows. When rolled, off-set wheels tip it from side-to-side re-creating a very memorable scene in the movie, “Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.” The Knight Bus playset includes an exclusive figure and additional storage space for accessories under the engine hood. SRP $14.99. Available April 2004.


*Harry Potter Zonko’s Joke Wand - Featuring more than 25 different magical and humorous sounds and a repeat button so kids can cast their favorite spells again and again. The Harry Potter Zonko’s Joke includes a sound chip, batteries and an on/off switch. Two “AA” batteries are included. SRP $9.99. Available April 2004.


*Cast-A-Spell Candy Maker - Young wizards can create edible spells by shooting colored spell mix out of the wand and into the spinning vortex container. This mysterious playset includes a “vortex” with detachable dish on a “stone” base with a wand, three creature vials, measuring spoon, two packets of powdered mix and a spell indicator. SRP $24.99. Out NOW.


*Hogwarts Dueling Game - This Harry Potter board game allows kids to find their spells and duel throughout the Halls of Hogwarts. Players take the roles of their favorite character and go from class to class where they collect spells to use when dueling with their opponents. Players decode the strength of the spell cards using the Power D-Cryptor. They then attempt to defeat their opponents in a duel by using their strongest card. There are four sculpted, painted movers and 36 spell cards with 24 item cards, three dice and four character-specific spell readers as well as a game board. SRP $14.99. Available April 2004.

*Rescue at Hogwarts 3D Game - Kids will need to work to cooperatively to move the Harry and Hermione figures around the “grounds” of Hogwarts and to gather items and event cards in order to repel Dementors, or free Buckbeak. In a race against time, they must then “fly” their movers up to the top of the Dark Tower in order to rescue Sirius Black before time runs out on the timer. Button cell battery for Time Turner is included. (Adult assembly required.) SRP $19.99. Available April 2004.

*Harry Potter Championship Quidditch - Harry Potter and Malfoy face-off in a fast-paced, competitive, head-to-head Quidditch game shooting quaffles through spinning hoops to score points. As exciting and thrilling as a the matches in the entertainment, the first player to catch the Golden Snitch wins. (Batteries not included.) SRP $24.99. Available April 2004.

*Harry Potter MagiCreature Card Game - The Harry Potte MagiCreature Card Game has 52 cards in the deck with six “suits” - one for each of six different magical creatures, as well as a wild Hagrid or Harry card and an evil Basilisk car. The object of the game is to be the player that collects the most suits and has the most points at the end of the game in order to win. SRP $6.99. Available April 2004.

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