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Delta Squad... Lock 'n load and move out!

Hasbro and Star Wars toys have been venturing more and more into the Expanded Universe (EU) for the last several years. The EU includes everything not on the big screen, from the Clone Wars cartoons to comic books, novels, role-playing, and video games. The newest and most exciting EU product is the Internet Exclusive Republic Commando Delta Squad boxed set.

Republic Commando was a first person shooter (FPS) for Xbox and PC, released in 2005. In it, the player commanded an elite clone trooper team on a variety of missions during the Clone Wars. One mission involved the location and elimination of Geonosian leader Sun Fac. This mission is portrayed in this figure set.

Commando Clone Troopers are very different from their normal “siblings.” While grown from the same stock on Kamino, they undergo intensive training and are programmed with more individuality, which leads to distinct personalities. Delta Squad is comprised of four members: Delta Three-Eight (RC-1138) or “Boss,” Delta Four-Oh (RC-1140) or “Fixer,” Delta Oh-Seven (RC-1207) or “Sev,” and Delta Six-Two (RC-1262) or “Scorch.” Boss is the leader, Fixer an expert in technology and slicing (hacking), Sev the sniper, and Scorch the joking demolitions man. The Delta Squad set includes each of the four members, the villainous Sun Fac and two Geonosian Warriors.

In 2006, what some called the year of the clones, Hasbro released Scorch (Saga #21) individually. He was immediately a top seller. Fans love clone troopers in any and all varieties, and Hasbro doesn’t disappoint. A most interesting EU trooper, Scorch had a back story, came from a cool video game, and featured a new clone armor design and paint scheme, excellent articulation and heavy weapons. It’s no wonder Scorch didn’t sit on shelves for very long. What fans did wonder, though, was when they would see the other members of Delta Squad. Hasbro decided not to release the rest individually, but all together in this set.

Delta Squad

The four clones are repaints and slight retools of the original Scorch figure, featuring the individual details established in the video game. Scorch wears heavy clone armor built specifically for commando units, with larger overlapping plates and a much larger and beefier helmet with T-visor. On his back and right thigh are holes for attaching a backpack and extra ammo. Scorch is multi-colored, with a white torso and faceplate, and dark blue and yellow limbs. The other Delta Squad members have the same mold, but lack the thigh hole. Boss is mostly white, with orange highlights on his upper body and four rank dots. Fixer is white underneath two-tone green paint on his legs, abdomen and arms. He has a vertical green stripe on his helmet and two rank dots. Sev is mostly white, with a dark grey painted chest and blood stains all over his lower legs, forearms, and helmet.

Deco: The paint work on the clones is excellent. There is a variety of colors and consistencies, each adding to the individuality of the clones. The colors on the armor look almost hand-painted on, as if the clones themselves painted their own to show off and stand out. All four of them are filthy, with lots of painted dirt stains, scuffs, and wear on their armor.

Articulation: Articulation on the clones is excellent, with a ball-jointed head, swivel shoulders, ball-jointed elbows, swivel wrist, hips, and a ball-jointed torso. Notably (but not deal-breaking) there are no joints on the legs below the hip. With these points of articulation the clones can achieve a wide range of excellent poses, from standing at attention to shooting and sniping. The lack of leg articulation does limit their poseability a bit.


Geonosians are humanoid insectoid aliens with two sets of wings, long and gnarled faces with bulging eyes, a chitinous exoskeleton, back spines, reverse-articulated legs, and three toes. They are not the most attractive aliens, but they do make interesting toys.

Sun Fac, a chief lieutenant to Archduke Poggle the Lesser, is a high caste Geonosian, and is outfitted as such. The alien is dressed in an ornate outfit with skirt and breastplate. The clothing textures offset his exoskeleton very nicely. The shirt is smooth and flat in a glossy gray while the armored skirt and upper breastplate look like worked metals and embroidery in gold, red, and black. Sun Fac’s arms and legs are bony and gnarled in shades of brown and green. There is a great deal of detail in the pits and protrusions on his limbs. His head is also very detailed, and is a green mass of lumps and ridges. The right side of his face has suffered injury, and the right eye is either missing or covered by scar tissue. The left eye glares menacingly. His four wings are purple-tinged with veins running through them.

The other “Sun Fac” Geonosian is sufficiently different in paint and plastic colors that even standing next to his boss it’s hard to tell they’re almost twins (“almost” because the warrior has two functioning eyes and no facial injury, and lacks Sun Fac’s skirt). The warrior is mostly greenish with splotches of purplish silver. His wings are a striking solid silver with black veins, and there is some kind of black war paint in circles around his eyes. This Geonosian has also seen combat, and sports a bloody wound on his left forearm.

The final Geonosian warrior is obviously just a grunt. He is smaller, lacking in definition and bearing, and doesn’t have any clothing. He is a sickly green and rust brown, with clear purple wings.

Articulation: The two Sun Fac mold Geonosians have the following articulation: ball-jointed head, ball shoulders, ball elbows, swivel wrists, waist, hips, ball-jointed ankle, and poseable wings. The lesser Geonosian has a swivel neck, shoulders, waist, hips and poseable wings. The aliens are capable of achieving a variety of war-like poses, and their leg articulation helps with balance issues caused by their reverse-orientation.

Accessories: Each clone trooper has his own set of equipment consisting of a backpack and weapon. Boss, Fixer, and Sev all carry the DC-17M blaster rifle, while Scorch has one modified to fire heavy ordinance. Each backpack is different and matches the colors of the clone. Boss has a small, low-profile backpack and Scorch an ammunition-carrying one while Fixer’s has an antenna and Sev’s a rotating scanner/rangefinder. In addition, Sev has a calf-mounted ammo holder and Scorch thigh-mounted ammo.

The two advanced Geonosians come with staves, a very simple one with wrapped handle for Sun Fac and a more “natural-looking” knobby and tipped one for the warrior. The basic warrior comes with a large and menacing sonic cannon, bronze with black barrel and green energy bore.

Final Thoughts: This set is awesome! Everybody loves clone troopers, and these guys are big, tough, sport individual paint schemes and accessories, and have cool weapons. They are well-articulated and look great. Even the Geonosians are solid figures, with interesting details and good articulation and weapons. This set can reproduce some really cool scenes, and Delta Squad will look awesome in anyone’s clone collection. It is highly recommended at around only $35 at online retailers.

Review and Images by: Scott Rubin

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