Hasbro's Weekly Star Wars Q&A Session #3

New Clone Commandos? A spud Boba Russet? Read on...

Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Team is back with answers to YOUR questions!

Read on and be sure to submit new questions for answer next Friday HERE.

Q: With the recent success of Clone Commando Scorch flying off the shelves is there any plans to make his 3 pod brothers - Boss, Sev, and Fixer?

A: Good question … but the answer will have to wait until Comic-Con!

Q: Darth Tater and Spud Trooper were a success and I look forward to Artoo-Potatoo in my collection. Any odds of seeing a BOBA FETT RUSSET:)?

A: For now, Artoo Potatoo is the only Star Wars Potato Head figure planned for the foreseeable future.

Q: Had a Death Star playset as a child. You've remade many playsets of my youth, any chance of this coming up (with Trash Compactor Monster!)?

A: There has been quite a bit of discussion internally on whether or not playsets could be successful in today's market. However, we continue to see diminished demand for playsets. If we ever see the landscape changing, it's something we could take a look at in the future.

That's all for this Friday, be sure to get those new questions in HERE.

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