REVIEW: Kotobukiya ARTFX Star Wars Utapau Clone Vinyl Model Kit

War, what is is good for? Clone Troopers...

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For several years now Japanese manufacturer Kotobukiya has been creating dynamic vinyl statues under their ARTFX brand based on popular films, anime, comics, and video games. The company's attention to detail and high quality as well as dedication to both the original licenses and fan's wants make the ARTFX series pieces some of the most popular and sought after on the market today.

From Revenge of the Sith comes this attractive soft-vinyl Utapau Clone Trooper. Originally a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive in 2007, this statue hasn’t been the easiest to find, but those who have it can all agree, it’s awesome.


The packaging for the Utapau Trooper, much like the other statues feature a sturdy box that show the inner figures held together via plastic tray. The figure is packed in pieces that you must assemble to complete the statue.


The snap together kit features a 1/7th scale statue that almost looks good in your 1/6th scale collection. If displayed by itself or with other Koto statues, it has a great shelf presence. The pose is striking and well done and if it looks familiar to you, that’s because it’s the same sculpt, pose, and base from the 501st Clone Trooper statue. And as another reminder, this IS a statue and you will not find any points of articulation here. The base represents the ground and some fallen rock debris from Utapau. Thick pegs keep the clone sturdy on his feet as well.


The paint is incredibly impressive, right down to the battle worn markings on the armor. These aren’t just random chicken scratches, folks… these are very fine details that have been planned out and perfected. If I could find any fault at all, it would have to comment on the body glove underneath the armor, because it is made in the same vinyl material, it has a shiny and hardened look to it that shouldn’t be there. It reflects too much light to convince your eyes that it is fabric and that would the only disappointing trait and a minor one at that.



Despite my minor complaint, it is quite an amazing statue piece and a great representation of one of my favorite clone variations from the film.

The SDCC Exclusive Utapau Clone Trooper normally retails for $99.99. Although it’s sadly sold out, you can still grab several other great Star Wars Koto statues from for 50% OFF their regular price!

Pieces on sale now include...

* Koto ArtFX Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader: Ralph McQuarrie

* Koto ArtFX Han Solo

* Koto ArtFX Chewbacca

* Koto ArtFX Sandtrooper

* Koto ArtFX Darth Vader (Episode 3)

* Koto ArtFX Anakin Skywalker (Episode 3)

* Koto ArtFX Stormtrooper (with Luke Headsculpt)

* Koto ArtFX Snowtrooper

* Koto ArtFX Commander Bly

* Koto ArtFX Luke Skywalker (Episode 5)

* Koto ArtFX Slave Princess Leia

* Koto ArtFX Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode 3)

For over 30 photos of the Koto ARTFX Utapau Clone Trooper statue, click HERE and watch for reviews of other Koto Star Wars ARTFX statues in the coming weeks!

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- review by David Yeh

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