ADVANCE REVIEW: Hot Toys' Alien vs. Predator Cosbabies

Playful pocket creatures for the child at heart...

Later this month, whoever loses, we win when Hot Toys unleashes their Alien vs. Predator Cosbabies. Sideshow is importing the 2 1/2" tall series and currently has available for preorder the entire intergalactic gang: , , , , and The AvP Cosbabies are creative and a joy to look at, guaranteed to make even the most discerning collector crack a smile.

PACKAGING: Each AvP Cosbaby comes in a tiny closed cardboard box. The front delivers AvP movie art and catchy tagline, while the back highlights the selling points of the toy line. The sides illustrate the six piece assortment, and mine each featured an orange sticker indicating the character found inside. Aside from the stickers, these are blind-boxed toys, the type that oversea fans love to collect. Thankfully Hot Toys and Sideshow have spared U.S. collectors the grief.

Inside you'll find your mini Cosbaby polybagged in pieces. Assembly is snap, but be mindful of their minute accessories, they can get lost very easily.

SCULPT: Cute best describes these tiny terrors, though given their shocking subject matter, a level of twisted dark humor is also acheived. The AvP Cosbabies are "Super Deformed," a whimsical style that you either love or hate. I'm a huge fan of the form; oversized heads and teeny, tiny limbs screams adorable.

Hot Toys has done a terrific job of capturing the exaggerated caricatures of these classic space monsters. Like the movie, your favorites will most likely depend on which species you are rooting for. It's a coin toss for me when it comes to these Cosbabies. I've always been partial to the Aliens -- their silly, sinister grins here have me rolling. However the Predators are just as charming -- have to love their beady little eyes and micro-sized weapons. I wish I could say the same for Alexa, but she really doesn't do much for me. A Ripley replacement she never will be, and in toy form she's simply a bore to look at in comparison to the fantastic creature designs. Love her little Alien head shield though! But more on the AvP Cosbaby accessories later...

PAINT: Like their amazing 1:6th scale action figures, Hot Toys' Cosbaby paint work is top-notch stuff. For such simple looking toys, the coloring here is wonderfully layered and impeccable.

Like their larger counterparts, the Aliens all feature a gourgeous blend of grays and blacks in their bodies, mixed with some crisp LEGO-like silver line work on their arms and waists. In addition, each elongated head stars nice shading from black to brown. "Grid Alien" takes top honors here, donning a vibrant green cross-hatching pattern on his dome. The contrast is visually cool.

The Predators show the most paint apps. Their metal armor is deftly weathered and worn, while their hands and noggins display some subtle airbrushing in hues of brown. Like the Aliens, some cartoony line work can be spied on their arms and torsos. The combination of realistic and stylized paint work is unusual, but strangely appealing.

ARTICULATION: So far Hot Toys' AvP Cosbabies have shown to be an extremely ambitious toy line. However, they are almost TOO ambitious when it comes to articulation. Less is more they say, and in this case, I'd have to agree.

Each Cosbaby stars the following swivel joints: Head, shoulders, wrists, waist, thighs and feet. The problem stems from the connections. Being that these are figures you build, some of the joints can be rather loose when put together. It is a hit and miss: Two of my Preds have hands and arms that fall off at the slightest touch, while my Aliens all feature rather tight joints.

I can think of two solutions to this hitch in future Cosbabies: 1) Eliminate a few joints, like the unnecessary wrists and feet. Their feet in particular cause some balancing issues and would benefit greatly from a fixed pose. 2) Have them preassembled with some better built joints.

The AvP Cosbaby articulation isn't a deal-breaker for me. The pros in sculpt, paint and accessories outshine this random hiccup. But I did find it quite frustrating when trying to pose my puny Preds with their weapons, only to have a limb drop off.

ACCESSORIES: Speaking of weapons, the Predator Cosbabies are ready for war! Certainly the most bang-for-your-buck when it comes to gear, each Predator packs a host of goodies, including a spear, throwing star and removeable helmet. Chopper even has a tiny skull totem that attaches to his back, however I had no such luck in doing so. All this equippment can be held/worn rather firmly, though you'll have to play around a tad with the throwing star to get it to grip just so.

The poor Aliens, probally due to their enourmous craniums, lack any extras. A bonus egg or facehugger would have been nice, but I'm not complaining. Alexa makes up for her bland human appearance with a funny Alien tail spear and Alien head shield. It's a pretty small shield compared to the Alien figure's heads, but perhaps it was a baby Alien... a Cosbaby Alien (ka-ching!).

COST & OVERALL IMPRESSION: As mentioned above, you either like this style or you don't. If you do not, nothing I say here is going to convince you to like Hot Toys' Cosbabies. Fans that enjoy a dose of comical design in their toys will get a kick out of the AvP Cosbabies. These are simply adorable, and aside from some hit and miss articulation, some very well-crafted collectibles.

Sideshow, the exclusive U.S. distributor of Hot Toys product, has these for preorder for a mere $7.50 each. That is a very good price, sensational actually, given that these are Hong Kong imports. Shipping this month, the AvP Cosbabies available for preorder include: , , , , and

Die-hard collectors of the two warring species will want to collect them all, but even the casual fan with a childlike heart will fancy one or two. A stylish compliment to their breathtaking 1:6th scale Masterpiece Series, Hot Toys' Alien vs. Predator Cosbabies prove good things do come in small packages.

CLICK HERE for over 50 new images of the AvP Cosbabies in action!

- Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

- Review Samples Courtesy of Hot Toys

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