Material and Spectral Plane versions of the Soul Reaver wraith...

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When NECA announced they would be producing action figures based on popular video games under their Player Select banner, fans were anxious to see if their favorites would be immortalized in plastic. Last year the line offered up some of the best, hyper detailed and collectible action figures of 2007, like God of War's Kratos, Altair from Assasin’s Creed and the surprisingly stunning Castlevania line. In 2008, NECA will be providing an arsenal of highly detailed action figures starting with this month’s release of Material Plane Raziel and Spectral Plane Raziel based on the game Soul Reaver.

PACKAGING: NECA’s packaging design team did an excellent job for these Soul Reaver figures. The clamshell pack features a vivid mix of colors and ancient glyph designs in a spiral. The back of the package insert features an impressive photo composition of both versions of the Raziel figure in action.

SCULPT: Material Plane Raziel feature a truly impressive attention to detail from head to toe. The muscle tissue of the male human anatomy is rendered beautifully on this action figure and truly captures the skinless look of the popular soul-swallowing wraith. Although the figure does not feature real fabric goods, the removable shroud and bandages around the forearms resemble the feel and texture of real fabric which truly demonstrates the highly skilled sculpting techniques of the artist.

The Spectral Plane version of Raziel is fully molded out of transaparent plastic which looks really cool if held in front of a light source.

ACCESSORIES: The accessories included with each Raziel figure are top notch. Each figure includes a burning torch, an extra pair of hands, removeable energy source, removable shroud and Reaver sword. The torch accessory is very detailed and has a translucent flame on top.

The Soul Reaver and energy accessory are completely molded out of a translucent and malleable material. The removable shrouds are made of a flexible rubber which do not restrict the shoulder joints and allow more posing options. The shroud accessories can be easily swapped between both figures to display Raziel in soul-swallowing mode or hiding his hideous visage beneath the cloth.

ARTICULATION: Extreme posability is the most important thing for me in a figure because I enjoy displaying my collectibles in dynamic poses. NECA surpassed my expectations with both Raziel figures by making them the most articulated action figures they have ever made. With an impressive 24 points of articulation, the Raziiel figures can be displayed in numerous exciting poses which offers a high level of playability to the product as well!

Each figure features the following articulation:

• Ball-Jointed Neck

• Ball-Jointed Shoulders

• Ball-Jointed Torso

• Ball-Jointed Hips

• Ball-Jointed Wrists

• Ball-Jointed Ankles

• Ball-Jointed Wings

• Swivel Biceps

• Swivel Thighs

• Hinged Elbows

• Hinged Knees

PAINT: A great sculpt and paint job go hand in hand. The accuracy of the paint work on the final product is almost identical to that of the original prototypes. NECA is placing a lot of focus on quality control this year when it comes to the production factories in China, as evident in the final production run of Raziel.

COST & OVERALL IMPRESSION: Even if you have never played any of the "Legacy of Kain" titles, go out and buy one of these figures because they are awesome!

This is the second time that Raziel has been immortalized in plastic and NECA has truly surpassed the previous bbi version with its amazing paint job, numerous articulation joints and packed-in accessories.

These figures are currently available at Hot Topic, Spencers and FYE stores as well as numerous online shops check out our sponsors above) and average $13 to $15 each depending where you buy them. NECA has truly taken its Player Select line to a whole new level with this product and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Gears of War figures in a few months. What other surprises will NECA be revealing for 2008? Tune into our live Toy Fair coverage starting Feb 16th to find out!

For more images of the Raziel figures, CLICK HERE!

Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

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