REVIEW: Mattel MOTU Classics - TRI-KLOPS

Make way for Skeletor’s multi-eyed henchman...

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PACKAGING: This newly released figure comes in the same standard Masters of the Universe Classics blister-card packaging as the previously released figures. The card back for Tri-Klops also features pictures of He-Man, Zodac, Man-At-Arms, Skeletor, Hordak. While the character bio is fun to read and sheds some light on the character’s origin, I find Tri-Klops real name to be very silly. It just seems like everyone’s real name is derived of their character and in the case of Tri, he was not born with enhanced vision so Trydor Esooniux would make sense without the Scope part! This is the second figure to feature the white outer box for added protection and it seems to be doing the job as I did not find any significant damage on the package as I have with previous releases. Kudos to Mattel on that!

SCULPT: This figure utilizes the usual muscular buck body as seen in all the other human MOTUC figure releases with exception of the head and removable armor. The gyrating trioptic visor features intricately sculpted details and as an added surprise, the Horsemen have sculpted wire-embedded lenses over the figure’s eyes which look really cool and reveal the inner workings underneath the visor.

Tri-Clops also features some bonus sheathed mini-daggers on the back of his armor as well which unfortunately aren’t removable but the amazing sculpt work is there nonetheless. The Doomseeker and sword accessories both feature amazing sculpted details as well. The Four Horseman really did an amazing job in updating the look on Tri-Clops with its intricately detailed sculpt work while staying true to the classic 80’s look of the character but also paying homage to the 200X cartoon series as well.

The figure features the following new body parts:

• Removable armor with sword sheath

• Rotating tri-optic visor

PAINT: The Tri-Clops figure is painted incredibly well with no visible paint bleeding or evident imperfections. The paint quality and execution is exactly what is expected of a $20 collectible figure. Tri-Clops features a very vivid contrast of orange, green and brown painted parts which make the figure significantly stand out amongst other current MOTUC figures. The skin-colored parts on the body are airbrushed in different flesh color tones which enhance the overall look on the figure.

ARTICULATION: Tri-Klops features the standard 16 points of articulation that we have seen so far on all the Masters of the Universe Classics figures. The abundance of joints on the figure permits a wide range for various posing options. Unfortunately, the left ankle joint on my Tri-Klops was extremely loose which made it more difficult at times to keep him standing up.

Regardless of this minor production flaw, I was very happy with this figure and had plenty of fun posing him in different ways. The Tri-Klops figure features a ball-socket head, shoulders, and ankles; swivel-jointed mid-torso, waist, elbows, wrists, calves, knees, and inner thighs.

ACCESSORIES: This figure has its fare share of cool accessories as well as the inclusion of the glow-in-the-dark decoder ring which came with its vintage counterpart in the eighties. Trydor also includes his trusty sword which slides perfectly into a slit on the back of his armor and perhaps one of the best pack-in accessories so far, the Doomseeker with clear base which pays tribute to the 2002 “Mike Young” animated series.

OVERALL: I have been anxiously waiting for this figure since it was first announced and now that I finally have it in-hand, it is even better than I expected. Thanks to Mattel and The Four Horsemen, MOTUC fans are getting some really amazing toys month after month and they just keeps getting better as every month passes. Many fans were concerned about this figure not selling out right away but after 3 days he is now totally sold out. Stay tuned for my advanced review of Webstor and for those of you did not sign up for the end of year MOTUC subscription, mark your calendars for Sept 15th because I anticipate that he will sell out fast!

Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

Review Sample Courtesy of Mattel

MOTU Classics TRI-KLOPS Photo Gallery
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