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One of the many challenges facing the die-hard collector is how to showcase your collection in an efficient and low-maintenance way while still maintaining a tasteful display. offers an interesting alternative in the APEX Action Figure and Collectibles Display Case.

The case measures out a 15 ¾” wide by 9 5/8” tall and 10 ¾” deep. This compact size allows for a number of different display options. The case itself is made from a sturdy poly-styrene that is both lightweight and durable. The lid fits snugly on the base, keeping out unwanted dust, but also removes easily for display modification. Another great feature is that the shape of the case allows for easy stacking so you can buy multiple cases and design away.

The set also includes a removable three-tier stand to utilize the space within the case to the fullest. I personally would like to see someway of fixing the stand to the base to keep it from sliding around when you want to move it. If you remove the stand the case allows for display of figures up to 9”, the perfect size to fit your favorite series of DCU Classics figures and Build-A-Figure, or for a diorama display with a favorite vehicle.

At 24.99, the APEX case is a great deal for what you get and you’d be hard-pressed to find a higher quality case of similar size for such a fantastic price. The case is already being raved about all over the net on popular GI Joe collecting sites so see what you’re missing and order your own APEX Display Case today, available NOW at!

Review and Photos by Michael Klein

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