REVIEW: SDCC'09 Exclusive Ghostbusters Egon with Slimer

"Slimed" Spengler kicks off anticipated toy line...

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It’s been a long time coming but's first exclusive Ghostbusters action figure - the Comic-Con exclusive "Slimed" Egon Spengler with Slimer - is finally here! With the just released video game and a third movie sequel in the works, the timing couldn’t be better for new Ghostbusters toys.

PACKAGING: The innovative new clamshell package for the Ghostbusters line features a very film-heavy influence with numerous images from the first film. The front of the package resembles the rooftop scene from the end of the movie with two demon hounds on each corner. The bubble on the front of the package slants downward like a window awning and is emblazoned with the Ghostbusters logo.

The package also features a convenient re-sealable feature similar to last year’s SDCC Exclusive Lobo figure. The backer card features a photograph of a desk from the Ghosbusters’ headquarters.

SCULPT: With the MOTUC, DCUC and now Ghostbusters line, there is no doubt that the Four Horsemen have a completely booked schedule in terms of work, however, they continue to roll out amazingly detailed sculpts. Egon with Slimer are no exception to this. The portrait sculpt includes a separate pair of glasses with clear plastic lenses and features an almost identical interpretation of actor Harold Ramis in his portrayal as Egon. The uniform and proton pack also feature an amazingly high level of movie-accurate details such as the sculpted-in name patch and elbow guards which set the figure miles apart from its predecessors. The Slimer figure is molded out of clear green plastic so the sculpt work is not as noticeable as on the Egon figure.

ACCESSORIES: Egon features several non-removable accessories which richly accent the figure’s over-all look. Several objects such as the proton pack/gun, black gloves, belt with electronic device attachments are all vividly painted but are permanently sculpted-into the main body mold. The spout or gun from the proton pack can be easily held in the figure’s hands and connect to the proton pack by a flexible black rubber hose.

PAINT: The Egon figure is very well painted and has little to no imperfections. Egon’s proton pack is perfectly accented by red, yellow and blue colored wires/hoses and all additional minor details are vividly accented by the corresponding colors. The solid gray uniform features a very clean paint job. The slimed effect on Egon’s upper torso is faultlessly accented by a light green translucent wash over the gray colored uniform. The quality paint work on the Slimed Egon undeniably makes it a figure worthy of the $20 price tag.

ARTICULATION EGON: The figure features and abundant amount of articulation that truly exceed my expectations in terms of the level of poseablity I thought the figure would have. The Egon figure has almost all the same articulation joints as the DC Universe Classics figures with the exception of the abdominal joint and double-ball socket joints. This figure can be placed in numerous cool poses thanks to the following 20 points of articulation including ball-socketed head, shoulders and elbows; swivel ankles, waist, wrists, calves, thighs, and knees; and ball and swivel-jointed inner-thighs.

ARTICULATION SLIMER: Although Slimer is considered more of a packed-in accessory; he features 3 points or articulation on each arm which is a highly welcomed added bonus! Slimer features 6 points of articulation including ball-socket shoulders and swivel-jointed elbows and wrists.

OVERALL: Collectors have been dying for some cool Ghostbusters figures for a very long time and now thanks to the Mattel and the Four Horsemen, we finally have them. Based on the amazingly detailed sculpt, excellent paint application and abundant articulation on this figure, it looks like the Ghostbusters toy line is going to be a definite must-have toy line for all fans.

Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

Review Sample Courtesy of Mattel

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