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One of the coolest games I've had the pleasure of playing is Electronic Arts' goriffic Dead Space. A sci-fi shooter with strong survival horror elements, Dead Space plunges gamers into a nightmare world ravaged by monsterous Necromorphs. As space engineer Isaac Clarke (cleverily named after the two renowned sci-fi writers, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke) your job is to eradicate the infestation... limb by bloody limb.

NECA is bringing Dead Space fans an incredible 7-inch scale action figure of Issac Clarke this September garbed in his standard issue RIG suit of rusty coppers and browns. However, for fans that can't wait until fall, NECA has released an exclusive version of Isaac dressed in a death black Unitology Suit. Die-hard fans of the game will recognize this suit as one of several unique designs as downloadable content (CLICK HERE for a look at this and other DLC suits. A few, like Military, would make cool future figures!) Isaac Clarke in Unitology Suit was sold at San Diego Comic-Con priced at $20, and like NECA's exclusive Grenadier Lambent, is worth every bloody red cent.

What first strikes you about this figure is its amazing sculpt and paint job. Isaac's RIG outfit is unlike anything seen in sci-fi before - a strangely appealing gothic spacesuit. This version of the suit is a low level, featuring minimal layers of protective armor plating. While a more heavily armored, higher upgrade would no doubt look killer, I believe NECA's choice is more representative of the game's survival theme. You don't start out like a tank! I also admire the suit's asymmetrical design.

I'm a huge fan of the coppers and browns on the orginal RIG outfit as it invokes images of an old undersea diving suit. I have my pre-order in for that version, but I couldn't resist owning Unitology too. Pitch black, the exclusive Unitology suit amazes with crisp white and red ruins. I won't bore you with details on the Church of Unitology, but I will say that its cult members worship the relic responsible for the Necromorphs, "The Marker". Well, these cryptic ruins appear on "The Marker" and are also found scribbled on the walls throughout Dead Space. The creepy thing is that they actually say something as explained in this fascinating article "The secrets of Dead Space deciphered". Wonder what the Unitology suit says?

Just when I thought this figure couldn't get any cooler, it does with the push of a button. Isaac Clarke lights up! By pressing the armor plate on the very top of Isaac's back, both his visor and spine illuminate a brilliant baby blue. What's really neat, is that if you push in the button at a slight angle, it'll stay pressed in for "Isaac desklamp mode". I had him lit up next to my laptop during Comic-Con as a reminder of how cool the show exclusives can be. Unitology Isaac is one of NECA's best.

While the retail release this September will include both a Cutter and Ripper, Unitology Suit Isaac only packs one tool, his trusty 211-V Plasma Cutter. Perfectly scaled and easy to grasp, the Cutter looks great painted black and decked out in Unitology ruins. My only quibble is that the front of the Cutter does not rotate, an important feature in the game that allowed you to fire vertical OR horizontal shots to slice off limbs.

Another outstanding feature is the amazing amount of articulation NECA packed into Isaac. The dark engineer features a ball-jointed head and shoulders, cut upper arms, wrists and thighs, hinged/swivel elbows and feet, hinged knees, and most unusual of all, hinged/swivel hips like those seen on DCU Classics. It's a great point of articulation, allowing for wide and fluid leg stances without appearing too unsightly. Like the light-up feature, Isaac Clarke's articulation is beyond what was expected and is truly outstanding.

Fans looking to add the exclusive Isaac Clarke in Unitology Suit to their collection need not look to eBay and scalper prices. NECA is selling a limited amount of these wicked figures through their Amazon store HERE priced at $19.99 plus shipping and handling. This is a pre-order with the figure shipping on August 15, 2009. A small wait for those unable to attend the Con.

For more images of the Comic-Con exclusive Isaac Clarke, CLICK HERE!

Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

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