REVIEW: Yamato USA's Medusa's Gaze

Another new beauty joins Yamato's Fantasy Figure Gallery...

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When Yamato USA first announced it was making high-quality plastic statues of fantasy characters, my first reaction was "Hasn't that been done before?"

However, when I realized the "fantasy characters" which would take form in beautiful three dimensional plastic were those based on paintings by master artists like Dorian Cleavenger, Luis Royo, and Boris Vallejo and that these statues would be priced lower (much lower!) than many previously released fantasy statues of this quality, I was instantly sold; and thus was born an obsession with Fantasy Figure Gallery. The first statue - Akira - hit shelves earlier this year and became a hit with die-hard fantasy fans. Now, Luis Royo's Medusa's Gaze has hit shelves and it's hard to take your eyes off of her...

Similar to the first entry in the series, Medusa's Gaze comes packaged in an attractive and solidly constructed window box. Because of the durable nature of the high-density plastic, a window box like this works well and ensures the statue stays in one piece. The side of the box features images of the statue while the back features images of past and future releases, including Boris Vallejo's Monica's Axe.

Sculpted beautifully by Shungo Yazawa, Luis Royo's gorgeous sword-wielding warrior woman comes to life in perfect plastic form. I use that line a lot, but never have the words been more true than here. The minute detailing - including lip piercing and jewelery (below), arm wrappings and bracelets, and even torn stockings - are perfectly presented in this 11 3/4" tall statue. Detailed beautifully thanks to a gorgeous paint application replicating the painting's colors well, Yamato USA breathes life into this amazing character.

The most impressive paint work on the figure includes the previously mentioned torn stockings and detailed tattoos, which cover the character's arms, abdomen, and arms. Thanks to multiple impressive paint applications, the torn and worn stockings show the tattoos through their thin material. Likewise, the light gray tattoos over Medusa's body (below) capture the tribal and dragon designs perfectly and give her a native and somewhat fierce look, even though her cold stare looks stoic and even serene.

Last, but certainly not least, Medusa wields an impressive broadsword (below), which itself includes an intricate sculpt and beautiful paint application. Thanks to a removable pommel, the sword can be placed into the figure's right hand in either a (painting-accurate) regular grip or a creative reverse grip. A solid black base is also included which features holes which allow the figure (and flowing fabric) to attach and stand up.

Priced between $105 and $120, Medusa's Gaze is one of the most impressive - and reasonably priced - statues of this quality available now. It's tough to find a 1/6th scale statue available with this amount of detail - both sculpted and painted. And considering it's based on one of the most impressive pieces of Luis Royo fantasy's really hard to go wrong with this gorgeous piece.

What more can I say that 54 photos can't?

Check out the photo gallery below for images of this beauty and be sure to enter our Medusa's Gaze Giveaway for your chance to take her home for FREE!

- Jess C. Horsley

Medusa's Gaze Photo Gallery
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