REVIEW: Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Iron Man Mark III

Everyone's favorite Armored Avenger in perfect 1:6 scale...

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There's little doubt die-hard comic and super hero fans as well as a film fans alike loved last year's Iron Man.

Now, thanks to Hot Toys, die-hard action figure collectors can get in on the Iron Man action with what is sure to be one of the most sought after action figures of 2009: the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Iron Man Mark III 12" figure (above, below).

Packaged in a tri-fold gatefold box which features a lenticular (reflective) "power core" gimmick, the box securely holds the figure similar to previously released MMS figures thanks to a form-fitting plastic sleeve.

Likewise, the interior of the gate fold box features attractive graphics as well as images from the film. Information regarding the artists and Hot Toys staff responsible for the figure's production is also listed, ensuring those who deserve credit for this incredible work of action figure art receive it.

Made of both high-density plastic as well as a pliable soft plastic (around the joints, which helps allow the figure to be posed), the Iron Man figure truly impresses. No doubt every die-hard fan of the Armored Avenger will be picking this figure up to add to their collection.

Able to be posed in a variety of positions thanks to the pliable softer plastic around the joints (primarily the shoulders, waist and hips), the figure is much more poseable than previously released "armored" figures like the 1:6 scale Robocop.

Likewise, the detailed sculpt includes everything from the minute rocket launchers on the forearms to a detailed head sculpt of Tony Stark's actor Robert Downey Jr.

Overall, the sculpting detail on this figure is fantastic. The armored calves open to reveal pistons and wiring and the flaps the super hero uses to fly all open and close (above). Featuring some of the most exacting detailing, the figure's armor also looks spot on. Considering the armor is basically all flat angles and edges, the slightest difference between the left and right sides would be instantly noticeable. Thankfully, Hot Toys proves once again they're the best in the business by perfectly recreating the movie armor.

Accurately painted to reflect the colors of the armor from the film, the figure comes in the glossy red and yellow/gold colors seen in on the big screen. The detailed RDJ head sculpt features accurate flesh tones, hair highlights, and shading. The only minor complaint is the slight color difference between the red on the hard plastic parts and the soft (pliable) plastic parts. While it's hardly noticeable, fans admiring the figure close-up will notice a slight shade change which may bother some. Otherwise, the paint on this figure is downright flawless.

Besides the previously mentioned interchangeable Robert Downey Jr. head sculpt (above), the figure also includes three sets of hands: open, gripping, and fist. The open and gripping hands feature an impressive "light up" feature which allows the figure's repulsor rays to "light up" once a button on the arm is activated. Likewise, the regular Iron Man head sculpt's eyes and chest also "light up" when a button on the figure's back is activated. These light-up features require small watch batteries (included). Once again, Hot Toys shows that by adding additional details like this, they truly are making the collectibles on the market today.

At $180 retail, this is one figure that's not for the faint of heart. That said, there's no doubt Hot Toys will sell out. Even in this tough economic time, there's plenty of dedicated super hero fans willing and able to pick up this beautifully designed, well-painted and highly detailed figure of one of the coolest comic characters to grace the big screen.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery below for over 65 photos of this impressive figure and be sure to check out, the internet's best 1:6 scale forum and news site, to chat with other fans and collectors regarding this and other amazing 1:6 scale action figures and collectibles!

Review and Photos by Jess C. Horsley

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