AvP2: Predators Will Be Predators

Aliens will be... humm, new Aliens.

Online site Planet AvP has posted a first look at the warring creatures in the upcoming movie Alien vs. Predator: Survival of the Fittest.

According to Planet AvP, this is a certified production still. Predator fans should note that the design above is very reminiscent of the look in the 1987 release "Predator," while the Alien appears to be a throw back to the ribbed-headed days of James Cameron's 1986 opus "Aliens". While similar, look closely at the hands of the Alien. One digit appendages? Very "Starcraft" if so. Either way you look at it, I'm still down with the dome.

As of this post, there is no solid info on licensed collectibles being carried by any toy company. We can speculate that McFarlane Toys (a license holder for previous AvP and Alien films) may produce new action figures and that Hot Toys (with similar licenses) may create new 1/6th scale collectibles.

Alien vs. Predator: Survival of the Fittest is set for a theatrical release sometime in late 2007.

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