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The toy company behind such popular lines as Lost in Space, The Iron Giant, and Godzilla are still very alive and kickin', with a whole slew of new product aimed at late 2000/ 2001 release.

As we reveiled to you yesterday, their first new toy to debut is Trendmasters answer to the cyber-canine craze- Big Scratch and Lil' Scratch- the power pooch duo which will hold an approximate retail value of $59.99 and are planned for shipping next month. For complete coverage on them, click HERE.

Next on the top of the list will be their line of Cardcaptor dolls, playsets, and card game- all aimed for Holiday release. Cardcaptor Sakura has been intensely popular for quite sometime in Japan and it was only a matter of time before it captivated the American anime audience. Think Pokemon- sure to be a big hit. Stay glued for exclusive images.

Cartoon Network anyone? The news we delivered of Trendmaster's being awarded the master toy license for such hot 'toons as The Power Puff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, and Cow & Chicken by Warner Bros. Consumer Products, created quite a stir in the action fig community. Puff Girls have been out, and although Dexter's Laboratory toys have been reported out- they're from another company- Trendmaster's very own Media Relations department reports that these are now in production for 2001 release as well as their other Cartoon Network toys based on Yogi Bear, Cow and Chicken, and Johnny Bravo. For a special sneak peek look at all the earlt prototypes revealed at Toy fair 2000- just click HERE.

Also in 2001, look forward to Spy Kids and tons of awesome gizmos and Osmosis Jones- click HERE for that scoop that we revealed to ya way back at Toy Fair 2000!

For those wondering about Voltron, Trendmaster's still holds the license, but all plans for new toys have been put on HOLD.

For our complete Trendmasters coverage, just click below!

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on 08/31/2000
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