Trendmaster's Joins The Cyber Canine Craze

Trendmaster's joins robotic dog mania.

The cyber canine craze continues this year with the upcoming release of Big Scratch and Lil' Scratch- Trendmasters' newest Cyber-Pets. These power pooches have the fine distinction of being the only toy pets to come with their very own dancing Cyber Fleas (LOL!).

In the field of robot dogs, these C-Pets win the blue ribbon for being the cutest by far, with their utterly loveable "Disney-esque" look and their irresistible, soulful eyes.

Tons of features enhance Big Scratch's playability: Big Scratch comes with an IR key-chain remote controller that programs Big Scratch's seven multi-play and trick modes - Sit, Shake, Lay Down, Play, Walk Right, Walk Left, and Scratch-A-Flea - not counting his multiple play behaviors, depending upon his mood. And of course, he has his own interaction with YOU, his Master!

When that pesky little Cyber Flea dances in circles on Big Scratch's side, he sits down, growls and diligently scratches with his paw. He will eventually scratch that Cyber Flea right off! He then stands up to bark and happily wag his tail, finally relived of the little Cyber-Pest! Lil' Scratch gets his Cyber Flea too! They magnetically attach to both dogs.

Now meet Lil' Scratch. He really follows Big Scratch around wherever he goes, through the magic of Infrared Tracking. Lil' Scratch tags along and begs for attention from both you and Big Scratch.

Big Scratch also communicates with a special Cyber Language. He barks, yaps, pants, whimpers and growl, and like Lil' Scratch, you can pat him for happy responses that let you know how much he loves you. Big Scratch moves his head about in multiple directions, moves his mouth, looks around with his big expressive eyes, waves his ears and wags his tail!

The exceptionally realistic walking and play action of Big Scratch is accomplished through special, state-of-the-art, spring-loaded mechanisms that power the realistic limb actions and behavior. For instance, when Big Scratch is begging to play with you, he crouches down and hops on his front paws while his tail wags high in the air. His front "elbows" really compress and spring back like the shock-absorber-action of a real dog in motion.

This revolutionary pair of cyber pups from Trendmasters will enhance any household with the delightful sounds of frolic and fun. Approximate retail: $59.99; Availability: September 2000.

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